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Sixers 2011 Draft Preview: Big Hole To Fill

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The Philadelphia 76ers only have a couple of days to iron out who they are going to select with the 16th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft on Thursday. The rumblings around the internet have the Sixers either selecting Markieff Morris, Nikola Vucevic, or Lithuanian 7 footer Donatas Motiejunas. Remember that there is always a possibility that the Sixers could trade Andre Iguodala, however with the lack of depth in this draft, the Sixers are in a good spot to draft for their biggest need.

There are two gaping holes that the Sixers have to fill in the coming years if they want to become not only a true contender, but a destination that a superstar would want to come to. One of those holes is the presence of a big man down low. Spencer Hawes is a nice variable. He doesn’t have the power moves of a true center or the post moves of a power forward, but his mid range jump shot can stretch the floor at times. He also has the ability to rebound the ball due in part to his fantastic hands. He just isn’t the physical presence that the Sixers need.

Hawes is the reason why the Sixers should not draft Donatas Montejunas. He is a Lithuanian 7 footer that the Sixers worked out this past week. He possesses the skill set of the usual tall European center. The ability to stretch the floor with his shooting ability, which extends to the 3 point line. He has some unique ability inside, but he is not physical. He is that pick and pop big man that the Sixers have to avoid in this draft. They already have one of those that has experience in the NBA and most importantly they already have a guy in Hawes that Doug Collins has bought into.

It then becomes a toss up between Markieff Morris and Nikola Vucevic. There are some question marks with Markieff Morris. Will he be able to play without his brother along side of him? Will he be able to play big time minutes with his athletic style? Think of him as a similar player to Thaddeus Young minus the explosiveness on the defensive end. Markieff would work well with the Sixers in their fast break style. Kansas had a very up tempo style that really suits Morris’ abilities.

Morris averaged 13.6 PPG and 8.3 RPG in his Junior season at Kansas. While his numbers were up across the board, it was his brother Marcus who really excelled last season. He averaged 17.2 PPG and 7.6 RPG. While Marcus was more of a prolific scorer last season, Markieff showed his abilities on the other side of the ball.


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Kicking The Tires: Michael Cuddyer

June 20th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Kicking The Tires: Michael Cuddyer | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Possibly on his way out of Minnesota?

As we approach the trade deadline, which is just under six weeks, the Phillies will obviously be looking to add a right handed bat, as well as moving some salary out to stay under the Luxury Tax threshold. The ever mysterious Ruben Amaro recently stated to not expect “any major trades” this season and even alluded to any major deadline deals not being possible at Cliff Lee’s press conference back in December. However, the lack of offense from the right side of home plate has made the GM have to atleast reconsider his stance.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Phillies connected to a number of right handed out fielders, Michael Cuddyer, Josh Willingham, Hunter Pence, and Ryan Spilborghs to name a few. I strongly doubt that Pence is movable for anything short of a king’s ransom plus with the Astros changing hands. While Josh Willingham has shown the ability to hit for power, he has failed to hit .270 or above since 2006. Spilborghs is a platoon player, which may be an option, but his numbers are no where near impressive. He has NEVER had more than 400 at bats in any given season. In two of the last three years, his batting average has been .241 or less. While he has a career .280 batting average against left handed pitchers, he hasn’t been close to that number in any of the last three seasons. Most importantly, he has just five hits in 35 post season plate appearances.

Could Cuddyer end up in red pinstripes?

Which leaves us with Michael Cuddyer. Cuddyer hasn’t hit less than .270 since 2008. Even better, Cuddyer is absolutely killing left handed pitching this season. While it is only 78 plate appearances, he is hitting a sparkling .379 with an on base percentage of .474. His versatility is also a big plus. So far this season, Cuddyer has played first base, second base, and right field. Which gives the Phillies a better option than Wilson Valdez on the days that Utley needs a day off. He’s even played third base in the past, as recent as 2010, in case he’s needed there in a pinch.


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Random Thoughts

June 20th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Random Thoughts | Filed in General

Despite a mediocre June and a horrendous April, Raul Ibanez is still projecting to be a type A free agent.


Minority Report: 6/20/11

June 20th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Minority Report: 6/20/11 | Filed in General

The Iron Pigs are good place to start the report as the recently called up Cody Overbeck cranks his first home run at the AAA level Sunday night. Mathieson, making  his season debut as a starter, struck out seven in 3.2 innings. He allowed just two base runners in that time frame as well.

Brian Schneider made his third rehab assignment with Reading is currently hitting .400 in AA. Freddy Galvis’ bat is improving as he is hitting just under .270 this season.

The High A Florida State Leage recently held their annual All Star Going. Thresher pitchers Brody Colvin, Jarred Cosart, Jon Pettibone, and Julio Rodriguez all threw perfect innings.