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But I talk a good game!

Jimmy Rollins is ‘Player of the Game’???  Someone please tell me – Who is this guy’s publicist?!!!   He goes 2 for 5 with 1 HR.  And his homerun came with the score 6-0!  Not exactly a clutch shot.  Placido.Polanco went 2 for 4 with a homerun.  BUT Polanco’s dinger came with the score 0-0, and it gave the Phillies a 2-run lead they never reliquished.  Wheels called Rollins “a great low-ball hitter.”

Lets look at the stats:  Batting Avg .266 ,HRs 3, Hits 50, Runs 27, RBIs 15.  I would call him a “great NO-ball hitter.”  Jimmy’s one good year has served him well.  He won the MVP over Matt Holliday in 2007 in what was a joke of a vote.  Holliday was totally robbed!  Of course, we can’t discount what Wheels calls “Jimmy’s Mystique” and “What he brings to the team.”  It is a shame the statistics just don’t  bear it out  Try these stats Wheels:  Batting Avg. 339,  HRs 3, Hits 61, Runs 25, ,RBIs 27. Those are Polanco’s stats.  If they were Jimmies you would be on your knees kissing his mystique.  Sorry I forgot the most important thing.  Polanco does his talking with his. play Jimmy with his mouth ……..Polanco has no mystique, just a journeyman’s approach to the game.  I value performance over bulls**t.