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Trouble in the Windy City

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For the Bulls Game 3 featured a lot of what ifs and what could have been. For the Heat Game 3 was a coming out party for Chris Bosh. After taking abuse from the media and his peers all season about his soft play, Bosh finally showed everyone why the nickname is the Big 3, not Batman and Robin. Also, once again Lebron James closed out the Bulls and showed why he is quickly becoming a tremendous scoring threat at the end of the game.

Bosh controlled the game at least on the offensive end for the heat for most of the game. After starting out the game 0-for-3, he poured in 12 out of his next 14 shots.

One of the reasons that Bosh was labeled soft throughout this season was due to his reliance on the jump shot from the high post. There were numerous times throughout the season where he would take more jump shots than Dwayne Wade. Bosh is very dangerous from the high post, but that was not what he was brought in to do.

As he struggled to find his role on the team the Heat also struggled to figure out how to manage their superstars and the rest of the team correctly. Coach Erik Spolstra was thrown under the bus for how the Heat managed games mostly on the offensive end.

The bus driver must have spotted Spolstra laying down on the road and gave him some advice because the way that the Heat handled the best defense in the playoffs on Sunday night was downright impressive. Bosh not only killed them from the high post, but he finally started driving the lane with authority, he is incredibly dangerous when he can be a cutter and it makes it that much more difficult to defend when you have Lebron hitting him with one pretty pass after another.


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