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Dumb and Dumber

Dozed off watching the Phillies game against the Rangers. That has been happening a lot lately. It has as much to do with the Phillies play as with my advancing age. I woke up with “way back, way way way back. Ding dong Dell has rung that bell, Home run! Del Ennis has done it again!!” ringing in my ears.  The call was from Gene Kelly, the Phillies broadcaster from the 1940s and 50s.  I never fell asleep with Kelly doing the broadcasting.  I suffered, as did all Phillies fans, through a number of terrible announcers including By Saam and Bill Cambell.  Although many consider these two as good, I don’t.  But even they cannot compete with the team of ‘Wheels’, ‘Sarge’, and ‘Mac’.  Gary Matthews, a competent ballplayer, has turned into an incompetent broadcaster.  Gary is all over the place with his ‘players insight’.  He does a boogalooo over the line that separates sense from nonsense.  Tom McCarthy must be paid for asking inane questions. Is it plausible that he does not know the answers to the ridiculous queries that he constantly puts forth?

And now we come to the worst of the team, Chris Wheeler.  As Angelo Cataldi has said, “The one thing I hate about baseball is Chris Wheeler!”  Wheels thinks it is his job to educate the illiterate Phils fans to his wonderful knowledge of baseball.  The fact that he is wrong 50% of the time and obnoxiously boring the other 50% does not help to keep me interested.  Please Wheels talk down to your wife and kids, not to your listeners.  Why can’t the Phillies use Larry Anderson and Scott Franzke on TV and relegate the other guys to radio?  Well,I don’t have to worry about sleepless nights as long as the Phillies insist on keeping the TV team the same.

Richie and Harry must be spinning in the grave at best.  Or at least listening to Scott and Larry on the radio.


Durant’s Dunk!

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Does the name Greg Oden mean anything to anyone?

Change Of Heart

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Brown gets called up

Ruben Amaro must’ve had a change of heart since last night’s post game press conference. Domonic Brown has in fact been called up to take Shane Victorino’s roster spot while Victorino is on the DL. Reports had been made that the Phillies did not think Brown was ready citing large holes in his swing despite the high batting average. Victorino will not be able to come off the DL until June 3rd. Hopefully Brown will be given ample time in the field and not just on the bench.

In related news, Scott Mathieson was optioned to AAA Lehigh Valley and is being replaced by David Herndon. A move is still pending as to who will replace Joe Blanton once he hits the DL. It is expected that Vance Worley will be brought back, but it is possible another reliever may be brought until Tuesday.


My top 30 2011 NBA Draft prospects

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Right now Derrick Williams is locked in as the #2 prospect in the 2011 NBA Draft

By Brandon Pemberton

The NBA Draft Lottery was on Tuesday night and the Cleveland Cavs ended up winning the lottery and have the 1st and 4th picks in the draft. I’m officially in draft geek mode right now and here is the top 30 draft prospects in my opinion. The list has been put together on something I call the ” Brandon Pemberton eye test” , potential, and how the player’s game translates to the NBA. These are American born college players, as I have watched the Euro leagues, I don’t posess the knowledge on these players like I do college players in the U.S. Also,let me remind you that the 2011 draft class is a weak class due the potential lottery picks returning to school because of the looming NBA lockout. The 2011 NBA Draft will take place on June 23rd.

1.Kyrie Irving PG
19 years old, Freshman
6′ 3″ 185lbs.


Phillies vs Rangers Preview

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The Phillies (26-17) enter interleague play against the defending American League Champion Texas Rangers (23-21). The Phillies are catching a break as the Rangers are missing integral pieces to both their lineup and pitching staff. Reigning AL MVP Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Julio Borbon, and Tommy Hunter are all expected to miss the series.

The Phillies are nearing the end of what has been dubbed the “Terrible Twenty”, twenty games in which all of their opponents are potential contenders. They are 5-8 so far with seven games against the Rangers and Reds remaining. The Rangers are currently the AL West division leaders, but have had a tough time on the road (8-12). Hopefully that record will hold true and this is what we can expect to see this weekend. (more…)

The Un-Merry Go Round

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The Phillies are slowly gaining a better roster on the DL than on the playing field. In addition to the dozen or so players that have already been on, or are still on, they better make room. Joe Blanton, who has not been off the disabled list very long, was scratched from the lineup roughly a half hour before the game started. Shane Victorino could possibly be heading to the DL once the MRI is performed on his ailing hamstring.

When asked point blank about the possible call up of Domonic Brown, Ruben Amaro Jr. adamantly claimed that Brown was not ready. (We all know that Brown will be ready close to the 18th of June.) The question then is who is ready? Domonic Brown is the only out fielder the Phillies have on their 40 man roster that isn’t on the active roster. Even with Blanton and Victorino going on the DL, a spot will have to be opened on the 40 man roster to allow the addition. The only realistic players that could be removed are Harold Garcia (currently on the DL) and Brian Bocock. I think Bocock has better chance of being removed and remaining with the team.