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The Clock Is Ticking

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Time is running out for Francisco

After reading an article over at Phuture Phillies, it is all but clear that Ben Francisco has 34 games left, barring injury, to prove that he deserves to be playing everyday for the Phillies. The Phillies have already played 37 games this season and if his numbers don’t improve, his days as a starter could vanish. If he continues at the pace he is currently at, he may not make game 34 as the starter anyway. Why 34 games left? Well, it’s all about service time.

Could Brown's season debut be June 18th in Seattle?

By keeping Domonic Brown in the minors until June 18th, the Phillies will be able to keep Brown under team control through the 2016 season. Brown is currently dealing with a sprained thumb that will keep him out for about a week or so. Previous to the sprain, Brown was hitting AAA pitching at .358 clip.  Brown’s rumored defensive miscues appear to be all but gone as Brown has yet to commit an error and has three outfield assists in fourteen games. Compare that to Francisco’s two assists in 35 games.

Tick. Tock. Ben. Tick. Tock.

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Burning A Hole In Their Pocket

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The Philadelphia Eagles have money to spend and, by now, it must be burning a hole in their pocket. The Eagles could be going for home run signings on the defensive side of the ball once (read if) the lock out ever ends. The Eagles are expected to be all in on CB Nmamdi Asomugha. Asomugha is one of the league’s premiere cornerbacks. Teams are so afraid of him that they rarely throw the ball to his side. The Eagles, despite in the middle of messy negotiaions with the now defunct NFLPA, have WR DeSean Jackson campaigning for Asomugha to sign with the Eagles. Having two ball hawks out on the field helps make up for deficiencies on the defensive front. Which leads to our next possible signing.

A liitle bit more complicated, but Albert Haynesworth seems like a good fit for the Eagles if the Redskins cut him once the lockout has been lifted. Haynesworth struggled in Washington the last couple of seasons, but could be rejuvenated if reunited with former Titans and current Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn. On top of the Eagles having money to burn, they also have an ace in the hole with Kevin Kolb who is all but likely to be traded within minutes of the lockout being lifted.

Blanton To Head Back To DL?

May 14th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Blanton To Head Back To DL? | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

How hurt is Blanton?

I think it’s a matter of when and not if. Joe Blanton has shown all the tell tale signs of a pitcher who is hurt. Lower velocity. Shortened outings. Blanton complained of pain in his pitching elbow almost a moth ago. He pitched thru the pain in two phenomanal starts, went on the DL, and has been unable to go more than five inning in either of the two starts since coming back. His velocity is down about 2-3 miles per hour. Pitch count wise, Blanton’s last two starts have seen the righty throw less pitches than that of his disasterous first start against the Mets.

Pain in the pitching elbow, coupled with decrease velocity have been the symptoms of players ready to get Tommy John Surgery. If that is the case, Blanton’s 2011 season may already be over.


The Ability To Admit A Mistake

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We all make mistakes. We all, for the most part, have the best intentions in mind when make a decision. You hope that your decision making ability allows you to put your best foot forward and put you in a position to succeed. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes you fail, but being able to admit your failures makes you more of a person. It allows people to see that you are willing to own up to your mistake and suffer the consequences. The people that have no intentions of admitting mistakes are destined to repeat them despite the outcome.

Charlie Manuel and the Phillies Front Office, for some reason, are having a hard time admitting a mistake. A mistake that is costing them opportunities to succeed. I know that the Phillies have the best record in baseball and I shouldn’t be complaining, but part of the reason for their early success is the weak schedule to start the season. If they continue to make this mistake, they may regret it down the road. (more…)


Sunday Night Hockey

May 14th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Sunday Night Hockey | Filed in Flyers, Hockey

The attraction known as the NHL Winter Classic will be coming to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on January 2nd. The Winter Classic has become the premier event for the regular season of the NHL. This is only part of the reason why the NHL is on the upswing in terms of popularity and ratings. This year’s playoffs are up 12% from last year because of the close intense play that has taken place throughout. The next step that the NHL needs to make in order to become relevant is to have a nationally televised game that takes place at night, on NBC.

I have had this idea for about a year now and game 7 between the Sharks and Red Wings made me realize that this idea would most certainly work.

NBC has done a fantastic job with the Sunday night game for the NFL. The ratings last year were through the roof, having a nationally televised game in prime time helped reach a bigger audience, which is exactly what the NHL has to do if they want to expand their product.

After the NFL wraps up the playoffs there is a gaping hole of programming on Sunday nights, which usually gets filled up with Dateline and then a new show at 10 o’ clock which seems to only last a season, The Cape was the victim of that time slot last year. Instead of putting in millions of dollars to come up with a new concept for a television show, less money could be put into sending out the production team to film a game.

The schedule for the NHL would have to change a little bit, there couldn’t be any other games played on Sunday night, which would mean that all of the Sunday games come late February would be played during the day. This would allow NBC to create a show similar to Hockey night in Canada and Football Night in America.


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Phillies vs. Braves

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Game 2 at 1 p.m. ET

The Phillies are 25-12, the best record in the majors.

They play Game 2 of their three-game series series against the Braves today at 1 p.m.

Today: Joe Blanton vs. Jair Jurrgens


All Flyered Up At The Bank?

May 14th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on All Flyered Up At The Bank? | Filed in Flyers, Hockey

Multiple reports are coming out that the city of Philadelphia will in fact be hosting the 2012 Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park on January 2nd, 2012. The game itself will feature the Flyers and the New York Rangers. It will be the second time in three years that the Flyers have been involved with the game.  The game was pushed from New Year’s Day to the 2nd due to the NHL holding out hope that Lincoln Financial Field would be available, but if there is a 2011 NFL Season, the Eagles have a game scheduled against the Redskins on the 1st. To quote “Jose from Norristown”, “We’ve got Hockey action, Yo!”