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Opening On The 25-Man Roster

May 8th, 2011 by Mike H. | 1 Comment | Filed in General

Ruiz to DL

With Carlos Ruiz being the latest Phillie to be added to the disabled list, a spot is open on the active roster. Obviously, Charlie will be looking to add a little pop to the lineup. I think the choice is clear on how to approach this dilemma. The changes need to be made in the corner outfield positions. Despite hitting .285 in his last 10 games, Raul Ibanez has not only been an offensive liability. but a defensive one as well. He is still hitting just .212 on the season and has not shown to have the ability to catch up to pitches.  The same goes for Ben Francisco. Francisco had the perfect opportunity to make an impression on the Phillies as the primary right fielder and has squandered the opportunity. Francisco is currently batting .232.

My suggestion is to bring up Domonic Brown, who appears to be completely healed from spring surgery after breaking his hand. Brown is currently hitting .409 in AAA and is actually hitting left handed pitching better than right handed pitching. I would definitely move him into the full time right field position. I would also start platooning Ibanez with Mayberry on a more frequent basis. Even though Ibanez has not hit right handed or left handed pitching as of late. Mayberry is currently hitting over .350 against left handed pitching. Let Francisco ride the pine until a move has to be made. Heck, with the limited amount of service time acquired by Francisco, he may still have an option or two to use when Ruiz is ready to return.

An announcement is to be made sometime after Sunday’s nationally televised game vs. Atlanta.

Lakers Need to Retool this Offseason

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Andrew Bynum is the piece the Lakers could move to Orlando to get Dwight Howard in a trade this offseason.

By Brandon Pemberton

As I’m sitting here watching the Lakers getting their asses handed to them on a free lunch platter for the 4th straight game, all types of thoughts about this team are running through my head. The Lakers just weren’t the better team in this series, the Mavericks controlled the paint on both ends of the floor, were the better defensive team, moved the ball better on offense, and just played harder.

The Lakers were swept by the Mavs in a series where wost people thought the Lakers were the clear favorite. After watching the Lakers sort of struggle in the first round with the New Orleans Hornets, I thought the Lakers would have a hard time with Dallas but win in 7 games. After watching the Lakers closely this season, I seen holes in the team that could be exploited by the right team. The NBA is all about matchups and a mismatch could cause a team a playoff series.


Sunday Night Baseball

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Phillies vs. Braves

Hamels vs. Jurrgens

Right Now!

LISTEN LIVE by clicking the Philly Radio link above, then clicking the 1210 FM Link.

Domonic Brown Update

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I spent my afternoon watching Domonic Brown and the rest of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs play today. That’s my ticket to the game, with Dom’s signature on it in the image.

Brown went 1-3 with a solid single up the middle plus a walk today. He also hit into a tailor-made double play and took a called third strike. He looks to be getting himself back into playing shape, and he also looks to be almost ready to take another stab at the major leagues. When he came over to sign autographs, I asked him how his hand is doing, and he said, “It feels great.” He doesn’t seem to have any lingering pain or hindrance, and he appears to be just about back in the swing of things.

The Iron Pigs won the first game of the double header (it was a make-up for a rainout from last night) 4-1. The portly Mike Zagurski got the save, Eddie Bonine got the win, and catcher Erik Kratz hit a very long home run to center field.

Hopefully, we will be seeing Domonic Brown back in Phillies’ pinstripes again very soon. The Phightin’s need all of the offensive help that they can get.

My Uptown/North Philly Aluminum Bat Locks for todays NBA action 5-8-2011

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Get Your Bets Down! I'm starting a new winning streak today!

By Brandon Pemberton

Today there is two games on the docket and I like the Lakers(+2 1/2) on the road against the Mavericks in a elimination game. Their backs are against the wall and this should be a win.

I also like the Chicago Bulls(-3 1/2) on the road at the Atlanta Hawks. The Bulls are clearly the better team and have the best point guard in the game in Derrick Rose. Look for the Bulls to win this game and go up 3-1 in the series.

Chase Utley Update

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Close to Return?

Utley played in his first extended spring training game on Saturday. He went 5-for-7 with 2 home runs.

He even had to beat out a throw on one hit. No word on how he did defensively, or if he even played in the field.


Damage Control

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So far, the 2011 Phillies have been plagued by all sorts of injuries. Since the start of spring training, we’ve placed two closers, an all-star second baseman, two starting pitchers, our initial primary left handed reliever, and our projected opening day right fielder all have spent time on the disabled list. In addition to that, our starting catcher has missed about a week’s worth of games with a lower back “ailment”. Despite all that, the team is striving and is tied for the league’s best record.

All of this has been due to the emergence of players like Pete Orr, John Mayberry Jr., Vance Worley, and Michael Stutes. We also may have seen the beginning of Antonio Bastardo’s breakout season as a reliever. He has been given a shot at late innings work and has thrived.

  • Inning 7-9: 10 appearances 8.1 innings pitched 2.16 ERA 5 hits 14 strikeouts 4 walks

The most intriguing portion is the fact that the team has succeeded despite the two mammoth question marks that they started the season with: the offense and the bullpen. Not that the bullpen has been lights out, they have been very adequate despite the lack of work. The Phillies rank 16th out of 16 in the National League in relief appearances. The bullpen, as a whole, has 2.99 ERA, which is good for tied for 8th in the NL.