Thoughts after Period 1

April 22nd, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Filed under General.

– Smart game plan by the Sabres to fire those odd angle shots at Boucher. He was not ready for them, the second goal was poor goal tending. No reason that he does not have that left leg pad attached to the post.

– Having Leighton in this year seems weird. When Boucher went down against Boston last year there was a sense that the Flyers upgraded at goalie. Now there is just more uncertainty.

– The Flyers finally showed some signs of life at the end of the period. Those first two goals took alot of momentum away. The second period has been the Flyers best this entire season, but the more and more the game goes on and Ryan Miller hasn’t given up a goal the odds of the Flyers winning this game get slimmer and slimmer. Miller’s confidence seems to get rattled after giving up a goal

– I try to not complain about the refs, but come on what did Richards do to deserve a penalty there. I’m tired of seeing these roughing penalties.

-James van Riemsdyk is once again playing inspired hockey.

-If the Flyers can score in the opening 6 minutes, they will change the tide of this game.

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