Sixers go on a 10-0 run in the last 95 seconds and avoid the sweep by winning Game 4 86-82

April 25th, 2011 by Brandon Pemberton | Filed under General.

Evan Turner scored 17 points and grabbed 6 boards helping led the Sixers to a 86-82 victory over the Heat in game 4.

By Brandon Pemberton

Down six with a 1:35 left to play in the fourth, the Philadelphia 76ers rallied to stun the Miami Heat and force a game 5 in Miami. They rally started after Dwayne Wade’s tip in basket to give the Heat a 82-76 lead and their final basket of the game. On the following possesion, Evan Turner(17 points and 6 rebounds) hit a floater on the baseline to cut the lead down to four. Following a missed three point shot by Mario Chalmers, Jrue Holiday caught Dwayne Wade(22 points, 8 rebounds) sleeping on defense and hit a clutch step-back three point shot and the Sixers were only down by a point.  Wade misses another midrange jumper, and Lou Williams(17 points) nails a highly contested three over Wade, giving the Sixers a 84-82 lead. After the timeout, the Heat ran a play for Lebron James(31 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists) and he drove the ball to the basket, having his short jumper in the lane blocked by Elton Brand(15 points, 11 rebounds).

While its likely the Sixers won’t win the series, I liked the way they came out and fought and showed some testicular fortitude yesterday. Why the Sixers are far away from being a legit contender for a NBA title, I liked what I was from Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner in yesterday’s game. I was really impressed with the game Turner had, taking guys off the dribble, making shots in the lane and from midrange. Jrue Holiday’s game continues to mature and he shows a crafty ability to get to the rack and the use of his off hand is very underrated. Will they be All-Star players? I don’t think so but as for now I know Holiday is a starter in this league and he’s only 20 years old and has a huge upside. Evan Turner would benefit from a season without Andre Iguodala on the team so we can see what he really has. Doug Collins doesn’t really have a track record of developing young players in the past, but maybe he has learned from his past experiences and will do a better job this time around with Holiday and Turner.

Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young are bench players who’s role in this league are providing scoring off the bench while playing about 20-25 minutes a game of the bench. Neither are legit starters in this league due to them both being tweeners and Williams being a defensive liability. But they both will always have a spot off the bench in the NBA providing scoring punch.

Yeah, they have won a game in the series, what does it really mean? In the grand scheme of things it means nothing to me and I hope it doesn’t make the Sixers brass believe changes need to be made. The number one thing on the Sixers list should be finding a way to move Andre Iguodala and his remaining three years and 40 plus million dollars left on his deal. According to$145_Million_Trade_Exception , the Cleveland Cavs plan on using their 14.5 million dollar trade exception from Lebron James leaving town and they maybe be stupid enough to take Iguodala off the Sixers hands. Number two should be attempting to acquire a center who’s a legit rebounder, shot blocker and a threat in the post would be nice. Easier said then done but let’s see what moves can be made with this lockout looming after the Finals.

Well at least the fans in Philly will get to see the Sixers play at least one more game of basketball season before its all done and over with. By the way, The Heat are are 10 1/2 point favorites and I’m calling in a Uptown/North Philly Aluminum Bat lock for this game. Take the Heat to win the game straight up no spread, I think the Sixers won’t get blown out, but never will really be in the game and they won’t win it.

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  1. Christian says:

    If they had stolen Game 1 the Heat would be sh1tt1ng themselves right now!