Missanelli’s ManCrush on LeBron

April 22nd, 2011 by Christian | Filed under General.

Hi Mikey...

Let me preface my forthcoming critique of 97.5 FM’s Mike Missanelli by saying I actually enjoy his radio show and think he seems like one of the cooler sports personalities in this city.  The fact that he’s actually replied to a couple of my email blasts says a lot.  Apparently, he understands he’s not the second coming, and that’s refreshing.

That notwithstanding, I was driving home earlier and heard Mikey Miss in the midst of an absolute on-air love fest for LeBron James.  Mikey was extraordinarily impressed with LeBron’s “24, 14 & 6” performance last night against our hometown, powerhouse team… the Sixers!  Why that performance against one the weakest teams in the playoffs left Mikey awestruck still eludes me.

Then he went over the edge, comparing LeBron to…  Michael Jordan.  Mikey Miss, you MUST be kidding.  LeBron’s good, but he simply isn’t the same caliber of player that Michael Jordan was.  Jordan’s the best I’ve ever seen, and I’m 43 years old.

And Mike, you kept asking what LeBron CAN’T DO on a basketball court.  Here are a few pretty important things:

1.  He can’t dribble with his left hand.
2.  He can’t shoot frrom the outside with consistency.
3.  He can’t play with his back to the basket.
4.  He hasn’t, as yet, lead his team to a championship.

Jordan, (News Flash!) won six titles and would have eight, if he didn’t pursue his inexplicable dream of becoming a baseball player, while still in the middle of his basketball career!

Also, you kept bringing up how BIG and STRONG LeBron is – so much so that I started to become uncomfortable and a little  unsure of your sexual preference (just kidding)…  But more importantly, who cares how big and strong he is (beside you)?  Hulk Hogan is big and strong too, but that doesn’t mean he can PLAY BASKETBALL!  While you were admiring LeBron’s muscles, you seem to have overlooked his hands, which hold ZERO rings on his fingers.

LeBron is a terrific player.  But he is NO Michael Jordan.  Or Magic Johnson.  Or Kobe Bryant.

I’m sure you disagree, and if you’d like to debate me on-air, bring it on brotha!

Just email TalkSportsPhilly@gmail.com, and I’ll be happy to school you, as Jordan would have LeBron!

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3 Responses to “Missanelli’s ManCrush on LeBron”

  1. tophat says:

    I think the picture of Lebron is taken out of context.The pic was Lebron’s imitation of Janet Jackson.I think she makes a lovlier picture and she is not that hot either. Sorry Mike.It seems that Missanelli has taken to making deliberatly controversial statements. This may be Mike.s imitation of Howard Eskin.Stop it Mike your were much better than Eskin.Let Ike Reese make him look like a fool.You will generate better ratings when you stick to the truth Your power is in your knowledge.Keep away from statements like \the 5 minute major helped the Flyers more than it hurt them\Is the Flyers coaching staff aware of this tidbit of wisdom ?Perhaps they should school the team to come out making fouls.Then they could play with \more energy\The statement was stupid,continuing to defend it was ludicrous

    • Johnny G says:

      Missanelli doesn’t have any knowledge. Listen to him break down the game and its very evident. He’s an idiot. He’s no better than Eskin. He’s also pompous.

  2. Johnny G says:

    Mike Missanelli has the baseball knowledge of a rock. Amazing how these guys remain on the air. Horrendous.