It All Comes Down To This

April 25th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Filed under Flyers, General, Hockey.

All of the trash talking, all of the goalie changes, and all of the amazing play between the Flyers and the Sabres will come to an end on Tuesday night. Who will be victorious remains to be seen, but just remember that we are talking about a Game 7 after going through three goaltenders and being down 2-0 in Game 6.

Early on, what worried me and probably many others while watching Game 6 on Easter Sunday wasn’t just  that the Flyers were down 2-0, but that they were outplaying the Sabres and still down 2-0.  Halfway through the first period, Ryan Miller faced 10 shots while Michael Leighton faced 4 and on the 5th he gave up the second goal.  The first goal he gave up was not his fault. The shot from Rob Niedermayer surprised Leighton, he didn’t think that the shot would be going to his short side. The other two goals should have never crossed the goal line; Leighton was just not ready to start Game 6.

Nevertheless, we got to see Boucher shine in another relief appearance.  I think it’s safe to say that any kind of sustained pressure that Boucher has to face in Game 7 will make everyone that is watching hold their breath.

Even though he only played 4 minutes and 33 seconds of ice time, it was nice to see Chris Pronger out there.  He is obviously not 100 percent and just trying to play through the broken hand that sidelined him for five weeks. H is presence can only help the Flyers, though he needs to not take any bad penalties.  I know he was cross-checked before he committed a slashing penalty, but he has to be the one to initiate the hit, not retaliate because the refs usually only see the retaliation.

I would have loved to been in the locker room when Danny Briere gave the speech during the intermission of the second period. Whatever Patrick Kaleta said to Briere and Hartnell, it was not the wisest choice.  Briere raised the level of his play and could be the difference maker in Game 7.

Tomorrow night, do not expect anything different from what we have seen in the first six games of this series.  Just because it is Game 7, I don’t expect the Sabres or the Flyers to play tentatively at all.  It will be a full speed battle.  If the Flyers score in the first four minutes of the game, the Sabres will suddenly have all of the pressure squarely on them.  Game 6 was theirs to win and they could not kick the Flyers foot away from the door.  It should make for a memorable game.

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