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The Emperor Has No Clothes….

April 26th, 2011 by EricW | Comments Off on The Emperor Has No Clothes…. | Filed in Phillies

Well, it’s official. The emperor has no clothes.

The Phils got shut out by an inferior pitcher in Phoenix last night, and they’re well on the way to losing again tonight. Tonight, they had a double, triple and single in the first, and managed only one run. Raul Ibanez is hitting about .175, and has left two runners on base tonight. Jimmy Rollins is a miserable failure as a number three hitter. Ryan Howard has nobody to protect him. The team has not scored more than four runs in a game in nearly a month. Even the best pitching in the world isn’t going to be enough if the team can’t score runs and pick up a guy like Oswalt, who clearly doesn’t have his best stuff tonight.

It’s time for a major overhaul of the batting order. Put Victorino in the 3 hole. Let Rollins lead off. Put Raul on the bench, where he belongs.

C’mon, Cholly. This was supposed to be the easy part of the schedule…..

FYI: Aumont Is Just A Man

April 26th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on FYI: Aumont Is Just A Man | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

"He's a man, not a machine"

Phillippe Aumont officially had his worst outing of the early season in the second game of a double header. In 1.1 innings pitched, Aumont gave up three earned runs, two hits and two walks. He did strike out 3 to bring his total to 12 in just 8.2 innings on the season. His ERA has ballooned up to 3.12 after being on the hook for the baserunners and the loss.

Aumont is really putting himself back on the map after a horrendous 2010. He has a strikeout to walk ratio of 12:4 after posting a 38:38 last season in Reading. I know I’ve said multiple times before, but Aumont may be in the mix for a spot in the Phillies bullpen in 2012. With Romero, Baez, Madson, and Lidge all potentially free agents, and the very good possibility that Kendrick is non-tendered, the Phillies may have five openings behind Contreras and Bastardo. Aumont could be competing against Stutes, Schwimer, De Fratus, and Mathieson as well as a potential left handed veteran reliever.


A few plays for Tuesday night NBA Hoops

April 26th, 2011 by Brandon Pemberton | Comments Off on A few plays for Tuesday night NBA Hoops | Filed in General

Get Your Bets Down! I'm starting a new winning streak tonight!

By Brandon Pemberton

OK here we go, the Orlando Magic(-7) are a big favorite after being down 3-1 in the series. I like the Hawks plus the 7. Orlando might win but they won’t cover the number. I like the Chicago Bulls(-8 1/2) to cover the spread at send the Indiana Pacers  home for the summer. And Finally I like the Lakers(-9 1/2) as a straight up winner over the Hornets. Kobe is hurting a bit but I see a big game from Lamar Odom off the bench to help the Lakers take the 3-2 series lead.

Get the bets in folks:

Thoughts Before Game 7

April 26th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Thoughts Before Game 7 | Filed in Flyers, Hockey

– While I was worried about every shot that he faced in overtime of game 6, I have total  confidence in Brian Boucher tonight. He is a grizzled veteran that knows the significance of this  game, but also knows how to handle the pressure. Even if his track record in game 7s arn’t that  great (he lost in game 7 of the 2000 Eastern conference finals to the Devils).

– The Wells Fargo center will become unglued if the Flyers can score early on, which I believe they will, however the longer and longer the game remains tied or if the Flyers are behind, the more uneasy the crowd will become, I’m sure that the announcers won’t forget to mention it.

-If the Flyers can score on more than one power play tonight they will win. We all know how ineffective the power play has been in this series, but a team that has this much offensive firepower it has to turn around soon, hopefully tonight. The Flyers have proven that they can score during even strength with almost ease at times, it is the power play that is key.

– The Sabres have to be contained. In the two shutouts and in game 6, the Sabres were able to gain control of the momentum after losing it, something that the Flyers do not normally give up after they have fought to get it back. This is a very young team that is playing above their means right now, when the momentum will finally run out is a total guess, but the Flyers have to try and take control as soon as the puck drops.

-Do not shoot the puck low on Ryan Miller. Though he has given up quite a few goals in this series, he hasn’t given up any goals close to the ice. When the Flyers have pressure near him he does a great job of staying low to the ice and making himself look huge. Numerous times the Flyers have tried to jam the puck into the net and it does not work. You have to shoot high on him if you want to score.


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NFL Draft Anyone?

April 26th, 2011 by Ryan Reis | 2 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Draft Day Approaches

This is quite the week for Philly sports. The Flyers are now about to play game 7 against Buffalo in the first round, The Sixers are trying to avoid elimination in the first round of the NBA playoffs, The Phillies have one of the best records in baseball. For obvious reasons, we have forgotten about the Eagles. The lockout has made this off-season non existent. No trades, no free agent signing, no action at all.

So needless to say, the NFL Draft is the last thing on most Philly fans minds these days. I’ll even admit, that I have not put the same amount of time and effort into the draft this year as I have in the past. The NFL draft has always been a special event for me. I sit there for weeks, making mock drafts, visiting my rumor sites, talking about it non stop. Not so much this year. So this is the reason I wanted to talk about it now.

For one thing, the 1st round of the draft is only two days away. Another is the Eagles have a chance to better this team, a team many thought had the chance to make a run in the playoffs. With the 23rd pick, and an uncertain draft, the Birds could grab someone special. Now I know what your saying, the Eagles always disappoint, never do what we think or want them to do. Perhaps you’re right. I still have faith.

As I write this, a judge has lifted the lockout. This doesnt automatically mean free agency and trading. But this could mean that the Draft and the start of the NFL Offseason could coincide all at once. What once was a quiet and uneventful offseason for the NFL, could turnout to be one of the most chaotic in history.


Brown To Begin Rehab Assignment

April 26th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Brown To Begin Rehab Assignment | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

By the end of the week, Domonic Brown will most likely be playing right field for the Clearwater Threshers to begin his rehab assignment. Starting Wednesday, the Threshers play 6 of their next 7 games at Bright House Field, giving the Phillies brass the perfect opportunity to watch Brown.  The Phillies have basically established all of their organizations, minus Clearwater, within driving distance of one another. The schedule shakes out pretty well among the three local affiliates. If I was setting his schedule, I’d keep him in Clearwater until next Monday, then fly him to Reading so he can either have the day off or start on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are 11:05 games for the R-Phils. All three teams are on the road from May 6th – May 11th. I would keep him with Reading as they are only traveling to Harrisburg and Trenton. The R-Phils return home on the 12th and the Iron Pigs return home on the 13th. I’d send him to Lehigh Valley on the 13th and then let him play there until he is ready. From the 13th until the end of May, the Iron Pigs play 12 home games and 4 games on the road in Scranton. If Brown isn’t ready to return to big league action by the end of the month, he’ll just remain with the Iron Pigs.

The biggest question will be who the Phillies move when Brown is ready to move. Francisco has been very streaky. Ibanez is currently in the midst of an 0-for-24 slump, and Mayberry, in limited action, is hitting .350.  Another thing to keep track of his Chase Utley’s progress. He ran, hit, and fielded grounders Monday pre-game in Arizona. He could also potentially be ready around the same time that Brown is. If Utley is also ready, that makes the decision making process even harder. Do the Phillies return Michael Martinez to Washington? Do they DFA Pete Orr and/or Wilson Valdez? They’ll definitely need to drop an outfielder and an infielder to make room for Brown and Utley.