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This is not a time to worry, nor panic. The Flyers are staring down a possible elimination in game  6 of their Eastern conference quarterfinals series against the Sabres. Game 5 had everything you  could possibly imagine, besides a Flyers win.

– I’ll start off with the goalie situation that has been the talk of the town since immediately after  last night’s game. Expect Michael Leighton to start tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the HSBC arena. Yes he  has only started one game this year (a 7-4 whooping of the Kings), but Laviolette trusts Leighton.  It is much harder to trust Boucher after those two softies that he gave up last night. The first one  wasn’t that bad, it was a very odd angle and got a fortunate bounce off of the side of his leg pad,  however the second goal was just awful. No reason that his left leg pad was not attached to the  post, you just can’t give those up especially in the playoffs.

-Coach Laviolette has really backed himself in a corner here. If the Flyers lose game 6 there will be people coming for his head. He will be the person that is blamed, not the goaltenders.

– Getting back to Leighton, I thought he was decent after replacing Boucher. He looked lost on some rebounds and was unsure where the puck was a times when it was behind the net, but he made the saves and that is the key. The troubles for Leighton last year were rebounds and his five hole. We saw that he is still not ready to defend the rebounds last night, besides the game winner there was a puck just sitting in the crease that he did not see after it hit his pad. I was certain that the game would be over four minutes before it was; Briere was able to scoop that puck up and clear it. I thought the Flyers played a lot better when he was back there. They played with more confidence and looked like the team that made the run to the finals last year.

– The Flyers are a team that is built to completely take over a hockey game, that’s why they play so well when they are down a couple goals. They play much more aggressive, but it is a skilled aggression. Giroux makes the one extra move that is needed, Carle or Coburn make that big hit. The Flyers just play so much better when they have to.


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A Roundup of Last Night’s NBA Playoff Action

April 23rd, 2011 by Brandon Pemberton | Comments Off on A Roundup of Last Night’s NBA Playoff Action | Filed in General

Rajon Rondo dropped a triple double against the Knicks last night, scoring 15 points, dishing 20 assists, and grabbing 11 rebounds. The Celtics took a 3-0 series lead with a 113-96 win.

By Brandon Pemberton

Celtics 113 Knicks 96

Rajon Rondo dropped a triple double(15 pts, 20 asts, and 11 rebounds), Paul Pierce scored 38 points and Ray Allen scored 32 of his own as the Boston Celtics put a beatdown on the New York Knicks, taking a 3-0 series lead. Carmelo Anthony(15 pts, 11 rebs) and Amare Stoudemire(7 pts 3 rebs) were a combined 6-24 from the field and were downright awful on the defensive end of the floor as well.


NBA Playoff Uptown/North Philly Aluminum Bat Locks for 4-23-11

April 23rd, 2011 by Brandon Pemberton | Comments Off on NBA Playoff Uptown/North Philly Aluminum Bat Locks for 4-23-11 | Filed in General

Brandon is 5-0 In His Last Five!

By Brandon Pemberton

Ok folks, after last nights games that’s 5 games in a row I have given picks for and the were winners. Today I have 3 more locks for today’s games. First I like the Chicago Bulls(- 4 1/2) the beat the Pacers, cover the number and complete the sweep. Secondly I like the Dallas Mavs(+4) agains the Blazers. I don’t know if Dallas wins the game, but if they lose it will be a close one. My third and final pick is I like the Spurs(+2) as an OUTRIGHT winner over the Grizzlies today in Memphis.

Get the picks in and show some love to Big Homie for blessing you with my prognostication.

Don’t Underestimate Oswalt, Polanco

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By Amy McCormick

There has been a lot of hype about our starting rotation for months now.  It worried me in the beginning that Joe Blanton would be easily forgotten; it seems that he is getting plenty of attention (both positive and negative).  It actually seems that the middle of our outstanding rotation, Roy Oswalt, gets overshadowed by Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.  Granted, Roy Halladay is superhuman and Cliff Lee is the most beloved man in Philadelphia; however, Little Roy is a quiet powerhouse who deserves some attention.  In addition to Oswalt, we have another Phillie who seemingly flies under the radar.  Placido Polanco shows a combination of skill and talent that cannot be manufactured.  His defense at third base and his offense make him virtually unstoppable. 

Roy Oswalt seems comfortable in his role as our #3 starter, because thus far, he has remained out of the limelight. Halladay and Lee are easily the fans’ favorites.  Hamels (my personal favorite) garners attention for reasons such as his infamous lack of run support.  Blanton, at the back end of the rotation, has created a buzz because he’s the fifth wheel with two bad starts.  In the middle, we have Oswalt.  It’s no secret that he feels uncomfortable with media attention; he’s a good ol’ boy from Mississippi who just wants to hurl the ball and do his job. 

And what a job he’s doing.  The righty has a 3-0 record, and it’s still April.  His ERA is 1.88 after 24 innings.  My favorite thing about watching Oswalt pitch is his tempo.  He fires pitch after pitch with little time in between.  He throws a lot of fastballs (92-94 mph), usually one after another in the strike zone.  In addition to the fastball, though, he throws a curveball, changeup and a mid-80s slider. 


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It’s Time for Ibanez to Sit

April 23rd, 2011 by EricW | Comments Off on It’s Time for Ibanez to Sit | Filed in Phillies

Below .200

With a miserable 0-4 performance last night that included two strikeouts and a weak dribbler to the pitcher, Raul Ibanez dropped below the Mendoza Line, and now has a .197 batting average. It’s clear that, at 39, he’s lost bat speed and is no longer the player he was even two years ago. While he’s a game veteran and a good guy, it’s time for him to sit. It’s time for John Mayberry, Jr. to get his shot at playing every day. He can’t possibly do any worse than Raul has so far this season, and he brings a right-handed bat with some power to the lineup, which is something that the Phillies desperately need. While I hate to see such a thing happen, it’s clearly time.

C’mon, Cholly.  Do the right thing. The team’s continued success requires it; two runs a night isn’t going to cut it over the long haul.