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Phillies at Padres Preview

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The Phillies left today for the west coast and a seven-game road trip against the Padres and Diamondbacks.  They leave after a rain shortened home stand in which they went 2-3 against the Marlins and Brewers. The offense struggled and the pitching wasn’t what it usually is.  The first half of the road trip is a four-game series against the Padres. (more…)

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NBA Playoff Uptown/North Philly Aluminum Bat Locks for 4-21-11

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NBA Playoffs

By Brandon Pemberton

People might not like to hear this, but if you want to make a few extra pesos tonight take the Heat(-4 1/2) to beat the Sixers tonight in game 3 in Philly. This number might creep up to -5 before the game so get on it asap.

After losing the first two games in Dallas and getting screwed in the number of fouls called on them, I expect the TrailBlazers(-5 1/2) to come back home in game 3 and win big.

In game of the Bulls-Pacers series which i going to be played tonight in Indiana, the number for the over/under is set at 189. Take the under in this game as the Bulls defensive style will keep this a low scoring game. If a gun was held to my head and I had to make a pick for this game, I would take the Bulls to win straight up no spread. But hey that’s not an official pick. The under is.


Sixers face the Heat tonight in Philly for game 3. Can they win at least a game??

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In 2 games Andre Iguodala is averaging a measley 4.5 ppg on 26% from the field to go along with 7.5 rpg 8.0 apg and 4.5 turnovers

By Brandon Pemberton

They Sixers had a chance a in game 1 but couldn’t pull of the comeback in the fourth quarter, don’t forget they were up by 18 at one point in the 2nd quarter. In game 2 they never hand a chance, they were simply outclassed the whole 48 minutes of play. Before the playoffs started, I predicted the Heat would win the series in five games, but now I’m thinking the Sixers get might get swept if they don’t win tonight.

I know the Lebron hate will be in the building, the Philly fans will come out to support and be make a the environment unfriendly for the Heat. But will that be enough for th Sixers to pull out a win? I would feel much better if Elton Brand(10 ppg and 7 rpg) and Spencer Hawes(3 ppg and 0.5 rpg) weren’t making Chris Bosh(23 ppg and 11.5 rpg) look like Karl Malone in his prime. Charles Barkley has a saying that if your are 6’9 and play power forward and can’t grab ten rebounds is a small forward, well for Spencer Hawes to average less then a rebound a game means he shouldn’t have a job.