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Joe Blanton Finally Shows His Stuff

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By Amy McCormick

I’ll be honest.  I like Joe Blanton.  He’s a consistent #5 pitcher, which is hard to come by.  It started to annoy me a little when fans were focusing so much on our four aces and treating Big Joe as an afterthought.  For better or worse, Blanton is our fifth starter, and part of the 2011 starting rotation. 

I attended Blanton’s first start this season when the Phillies played the Mets.  He started the game looking focused.  If you were to look at the beginning of the game and the final score of 10-7, you’d think it was a great game.  Wrong.  Blanton’s outing was fine until the 4th and 5th inning when he let up seven runs.  Thank goodness Bastardo and Contreras were able to come out of the bullpen, do some damage control,  and get the win and the save, respectively. 



Offense Struggles, Kendrick Implodes

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The Philies offense could only manage one earned run though the first eleven innings of play Monday night. They did manage to score two additional runs via Milwaukee errors. Blanton gave himself a boost in confidence by going seven innings and only giving up two earned runs, by far his best outing this season. Ryan Madson coughed up a short lived lead in the eighth, but the Phillies got that run back in the ninth to send it to extra innings. Jose Contreras and Antonio Bastardo both did their jobs with scoreless 10th and 11th innings. The Phillies headed to the twelfth inning looking for Kyle Kendrick to keep the Phillies going. What ended up happening was seven batters coming to the plate and three earned runs being charged to Kendrick. The Phillies have a big hole to dig out of in the bottom of the twelfth. Hopefully, the Phillies can take advantage of  a depleted Brewers bullpen, they sure did take advantage of ours.


Thoughts before period 3

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– This is the best that the Flyers have looked the entire series and the Sabres are still only down one. They have played very sound hockey so far.

-Take the fans out of the equation, Buffalo has lost a lot of momentum when the crowd was not involved.

– Jeff Carter will score another goal before this game is done.

– Zherdev out 5 games, comes in, scores

-Sixers need a scorer, hopefully Lou can step up game 3

-Bittersweet, have Marcum going tonight in fantasy 1 ER through 6, against the Phillies

Brian Boucher Will Start Game 3

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There is no turning back for coach Peter Lavoilette now; he announced that Brian Boucher will be  the starting goaltender for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. Boucher did have an  outstanding game when he replaced Sergei Bobrovsky twelve and a half minutes into Game 2, but should he be the starter of the game tonight?

Boucher’s play in Game 2 was reminiscent of his play in the quarterfinals of last year’s postseason  against the Devils and of earlier this season. He shut down the Sabres attack and did change the  flow of that game, however Bobrovsky should be the starting goaltender tonight.

We really don’t know that much about Bobs, for all we know he could be humble, with the chance  to just play for a top NHL team after coming over from a terrible Metallurg Novokuznetsk team  in Russia.

After starting 54 games this season and compiling an impressive 28-13-8 record in his first year in the NHL, the desire to help a team win a championship has to be burning inside. That just happens when you’re a competitor. He may not understand just how badly this city wants to have the Stanley Cup back after a 35 year absence, but he knows what he has to do to put the Flyers over the top.

The problem during the down slide at the end of the regular season and in Game 2 was the defense.  The Sabres were able to clog the net early on because of the power play and the third goal was a result of a bad pass by Sean O’ Donnell, which lead to a 3-on-1.  The Flyers needed to change something to mix the flow up that’s why Bobrovsky was pulled.  There is a line between a goal being the goalie’s fault and the rest of the team.  Two of those three goals in that first period were a result of the defense, not because of Bobrovsky.


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Citizens Bank Park, My Happy Place

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By Amy McCormick

Most of us have memories of Veterans Stadium. I remember attending Phillies and Eagles games when I was younger, and the place was massive.  Once The Vet was demolished, it seemed that a big part of the city was missing, and couldn’t possibly be replaced.  A new ballpark for just the Phillies?  They had played at The Vet for 30 years … I have never dealt well with change.  I was skeptical. 

In April 2004, Citizens Bank Park opened its doors.  CBP sold its naming rights to Citizens Bank – a whopping $95 million over 25 years – which is why the home of the Phillies is named after, well, a bank. 

Citizens Bank Park quickly became my “happy place.” My first daughter, Ella, was born in January of 2004; whenever we can get a babysitter during baseball season, date night is at the ballpark.  (We now have three daughters, ages 7, 5 and 2, and they’re all Phillies fans.)  The park became our favorite place to escape, for lack of a better word.  In my mind, there’s nothing better on a summer night than good friends, cold beer, and the Phils.  I know that the majority of you reading this know what I mean; you walk into the gates and suddenly, all is right with the world.  I’ve been to three games thus far this season, and I’m getting antsy for my next one.  I’ve been on many dates there with the big guy, we’ve brought our kids, and I’ve gone with friends.  This past weekend, I went with two of my best girlfriends, and the three of us had a ridiculous amount of fun. 

One of my favorite things about Citizens Bank Park is Ashburn Alley.  For those of you who haven’t hung out there, you’re missing out.  It’s fun if you bring your family, but it’s just as fun for a child-free trip.  You can look into the bullpen, see the field clearly, and eat.  There are four ten-foot bronze statues in Ashburn Alley: Steve Carlton, Richie Ashburn, Mike Schmidt and Robin Roberts.


For the Sixers to have a chance they must steal Game 2

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Can Jrue Holiday(19pts 5asts 5 rebs) play as well as he did in his playoff debut in game 2?

By Brandon Pemberton

The Sixers played much better then I expected in game 1, trailing by one with two and some change to go in the fourth quarter. Thaddeus Young carried them in the fourth quarter, scoring 12 points and Jrue Holiday hit 2 big three’s as well. The thing is, can they get enough scoring in the halfcourt and down the stretch when the pressure is on.

I’ve said it all season that the Sixers lack a legit star or superstar player will hurt them in a playoff series. Unless you are forcing a lot of turnovers, the game is played in the halfcourt and that i where players like Lebron James, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh flourish. Almost every team in the playoffs has one player who is a legit option or star they can go to to stop a scoring drought:

Bulls- Derrick Rose


Reading Awarded All Star Game

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After completing a 10 million dollar renovation on FirstEnergy Stadium, the Reading Phillies were awarded the 2012 Eastern League All Star Game. This should hopefully coincide with Phillies prospects Jon Singleton, Jarred Cosart, Brody Colvin, Trevor May, Sebastian Valle, and Jiwan James possibly making the transition from High A Clearwater to AA Reading for 2012.

Reading hasn’t hosted an All Star Game in almost 40 years and is hoping to make this one a memorable one. At the AA level, each team in the Eastern League has atleast one pitcher and one position player represent their team. The two day event will take place July 10-11, 2012 and will feature a Home Run Derby, Autograph Sessions, an All Star Gala, an All Star Lucheon, and capped off by the game itself on July 11th.

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