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Sixers Looked Like Michael Spinks

April 16th, 2011 by DJChris | 2 Comments | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers

Spinks Blinked

The date was June 27th, 1988. The place was Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. The stage was big. Donald Trump and Muhammad Ali were in the ring and many celebrities in attendance including Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, and Robert DeNiro. It was the Heavyweight title fight between Iron Mike Tyson and contender, Philly’s own, Michael Spinks.  In 1988, Mike Tyson was admired and feared by the boxing world. It was never a question of whether he would win. The only question was what round. He was 34-0 with 30 KOs, 15 in the first round. Many boxers were psyched into getting into the ring with him, but after just one minute, they wondered what the hell were they thinking.  Prior to the first bell, Iron Mike would pace the ring like a caged lion. When it was time to touch gloves, he would stare in the eyes of his opponent. If the opponent blinked or looked away, Mike said in his documentary, “I knew I had’em”.

Michael Spinks looked away, and blinked.  Two minutes later, a right/left combo to the head had him sailing to the canvas. Mike Tyson’s 16th first round KO.

In Miami Saturday afternoon, I’m not sure what Doug Collins said to the over-matched Sixers team, but whatever it was, worked. They were 0-3 against the Heat this season so any cause for intimidation was warranted.  But on this day, just like a boxer’s hype man, Doug had them pumped up and believing. They came out on fire, hitting on all cylinders and making their first eight shots. They built a 14 point lead and the score was 25-11 in the first quarter. Then it happened. Miami looked into the Sixers eyes and saw fear. Fear that they had a lead just like this on March 25th, and lost it.

The Sixers blinked. Miami said, “we got’em”.


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Sixers Come Out Strong, Heat Counter

April 16th, 2011 by Brandon Pemberton | Comments Off on Sixers Come Out Strong, Heat Counter | Filed in Basketball, Sixers, TalkSportsPhilly

Sixers Meltdown in Heat

By Brandon Pemberton

The Philadelphia 76ers started off game one of the first round series against the Miami Heat with a blaze of fury. They were getting all of the loose balls, hitting open jump shots, and playing sound defense. At the end of the first quarter they were up 31-19, and I couldn’t be more surprised. Then came the counter from the Heat, they switched to a zone defense causing the Sixers to slow up their pace of the game and forced turnovers and easy fast break points for Miami. The Heat outscored the Sixers 35-18 in the second quarter and led 54-49 going into halftime.

In the third quarter Chris Bosh25 (points 12 rebounds) scored 10 points and the Heat led by as much as 16 points. the Sixers got the lead down to eleven and the Heat led 80-69 going into the fourth quarter.

Early in the fourth quarter the heat continued to play stiff defense, out-rebound the Sixers and get to the foul line. With 6:09 left the game , Miami held a 88-75 lead over the Philadelphia. The Sixers then made their run, holding the Heat scoreless over the next 4:37 seconds while 12 points of their own on the tails of Thaddeus Young(20 points 11 rebounds), who scored 12 of the teams 20 in the final quarter and the score was 88-87.



Flyer Time

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Gotta do it again.
Turn up speakers.  Click link.  Yeah!


Awesome Sixers Video

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This video with pictures is awesome.
Guaranteed you’ll be singing this tune for a week!



The Kevin Kolb Sweepstakes: Mystery?

April 16th, 2011 by DJChris | 3 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

On the Run

Eagles fans, I have a call for action! I need help. Please help me understand this national fascination for Kevin Kolb! The national sports media sees something that I do not and it’s driving me crazy.

Here’s a guy, who to be quite honest with you, does nothing for me. He does not seem overly athletic, strong, agile, durable, or accurate.  He seems to lack charisma and definitely not a media darling. Statistically, he’s pedestrian at best.  He was a 2nd round pick (36th overall) out of Houston. When is the last time you’ve watched Houston in a bowl game over the holidays?  Kevin Kolb has started in just 7 games for the Philadelphia Eagles and played in a total of nineteen.  That is not a very good sample to choose the second coming of Tom Brady. Not to mention, he has a QB rating of just 73.2, has 11 TDs and 14 Ints. His rushing stats are 36 for 64; less than 2 yards per carry.  But yet, more than 5 teams are scurrying to the forefront discussing trades and moves for Kevin Kolb.

The Washington Redskins: So you feel that Donovan McNabb is done? Washed up?  Dan Snyder would turnover the keys of his Lamborghini to the Kevin Kolb and not let Donovan, a seasoned driver learn the mechanics and precision of this vehicle called the Redskins? Is Kevin Kolb better for DC than McNabb?

The Cincinnati Bengals: So Carson Palmer has quit on you? Trade me or I retire he says. So you give up your starting QB and a first round 4th pick to get Kevin Kolb?  And move Carson’s brother Jordan to the back seat and risk losing a kid with a pretty good football pedigree.  I’ll take THAT deal. Carson wouldn’t come to the Eagles, but they could get the 4th pick in the draft.  This is going to be a great draft year. Take it and run.


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Fans Boo Dobbs

April 16th, 2011 by Johnny G | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

What Did I Do?

What is wrong with this fan base? Does every single drunken bafoon who walks into CBP, find it to be their duty to uphold this image of the tough, booing, Philadelphia fan? I probably shouldn’t generalize and lump all of the fans together by calling them drunk. I wouldn’t put it past some of these people to act so ridiculously even while sober. You have a guy in Greg Dobbs who came to the Phillies as a Spring Training invitee after being a Seattle Mariner’s castoff. Dobbs was never the greatest player or the most talented, hell he was never even a starter for this team. This town is supposedly “blue collar” and “hard-working”, right? What’s the quote we hear around these parts? “You work hard and hustle and the fans will love you!” Greg Dobbs must be wandering what he did wrong. He won a World Series here, he set the franchise record for pinch hits in a season, he worked hard, and never complained. Why would this man be booed by the only franchise that he has ever really called home? Is it a huge deal? Not really for the city of Philadelphia, but for Greg Dobbs it sure as hell was. He had this date circled on his calendar since Spring Training and he was disrespected by a fan base he always stood behind publicly to the media. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when the national media “picks on us”, its not without warrant.

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