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Wow!  This is the most contrived, egomaniacal, ridiculous, sickening intro that one PR department could ever come up with.

What was the theme?  Let’s try to become the most hated franchise in sports history in under five minutes?

I know they’ll probably get smoked in 3 straight, but watching this video makes me want to suit up and beat these clowns!


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Flyers Look To Even Series After Game One Shut Out

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Flyers Offense Needs To SCORE!

After getting shut out last night in Game 1, the Flyers will look to even the series up tomorrow when they host the Sabres (5PM start). I thought the Flyers dominated the first game but the Power Play was the killer. They went 0-5 on the man advantage, including about one minute of 5-on-3 time.  The play of JVR and Mike Richards was outstanding as they both played with a physical edge that had been missing during the last few weeks of the regular season. To get on the scoreboard against Sabres goalie Ryan Miller the Flyers must crash the net a little more and create some rebounds. Miller is a great positional goalie and you aren’t going to see too many fluke goals unless there is some traffic in front of him.

The Flyers defense played a solid game as well.   They limited odd man rushes and kept the speedy Sabres to just 25 shots.  Although he was not tested often, “BOB” played well in net.  The Sabres goal however, came on a pretty juicy rebound, but it’d be hard to label that goal as “soft.”

My only real beef with last night’s game was with Laviolette, and it happened before the game even started.  The coach made Nikolay Zherdev a healthy scratch, opting to go with what he called more of a checking line with Powe, Betts, and Carcillo.   That trio managed one shot COMBINED.  This is playoff hockey – we need talent out there.  I understand we need guys like Powe and Betts for their forechecking and penalty killing, but Carcillo over Zherdev just bothers me.   Having Zherdev during those 5 power plays could have made a huge difference last night.  In the playoffs there is rarely a need to “send a message” by putting a enforcer like Carcillo in the lineup.  Who knows how this will play out the rest of the series, but I am really hoping Laviolette puts Zherdev in for Game 2.

If they can play like they did last night and capitalize on the Power Play, we will be all evened up going to Buffalo for Game 3 on Monday night.  There were a lot of good things to take out of Game 1 and hopefully they build on that.  You do not want to go down 0-2 to this team with this goaltender.  Lets Go Flyers!!!!

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Mike Vick’s Alma Mater Dogs Him Out

April 15th, 2011 by DJChris | Comments Off on Mike Vick’s Alma Mater Dogs Him Out | Filed in 94WIP, Eagles, Football, General, NFL

High School Vick

Why is it that adults blow perfect opportunities to teach kids with real world situations? As fathers and mothers, what do you do when you’re kid is in a pickle? Whether it has to do with bullying or seeing adults smoking or drinking. What about when they see something explicit on television? We have a split second to teach or protect them from shock. But that’s a decision that we must make if it is the appropriate time.

Students at Michael Vick’s alma mater, Warwick High School in Newport News, VA  planned a protest to support Michael Vick’s High School jersey be displayed in the high school.  The students were so sophisticated that they even built a Facebook page to gain support for the action.  The students were threatened that discipline would follow if they did not squelch the protest and remove the Facebook page. Ultimately, the Facebook page was removed and the protest is over. This is the second such protest at the school.,0,2461790.story

What a blown opportunity.  Isn’t that what America is about? Isn’t that how America was built? Isn’t that why we do not pay taxes on Tea? What about the constitution and peaceful demonstration?


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Halladay or Lee?

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Who’s Number One?

Pair of Aces

Nice dilemma to have.  Go Phils!

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Saturday Night Special

April 15th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Saturday Night Special | Filed in General

A playoff game and a playoff atmosphere will collide Saturday in South Philadelphia. The Flyers are hosting the Buffalo Sabres in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The Phillies will be hosting the Florida Marlins for Game 2 of a 3 game series. Roughly 65,000 people will make their way to the sports complex for the two games, so try to get there early to avoid traffic. While the Flyers’ game starts two hours before the Phillies’ game, tailgaters are expected to flourish for both. TSP recommends taking mass transit if it is an option to alleviate as much congestion as possible. Have fun to all that are going down and remember, patience is a virtue.

Flyers-Sabres Game 1 Review

April 15th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Flyers-Sabres Game 1 Review | Filed in General

Game one of the Eastern conference quarterfinals proved that this Flyers team needs a spark and they need one very soon. That’s why we will see Chris Pronger at 5 p.m. Saturday night. Before we get to that, let’s look at what took place last night.

The Flyers looked their best last night when they got pressure right in front of the net. Buffalo was taking away a lot of the outside shots, but it fit right into the Flyers gameplan. The Flyers offense works it’s best when they can bring the puck close to the crease.

Ryan Miller must have watched a lot of video on where the Flyers were going to attack because he was ready for anything they tried to jam in.

As we have seen over the last set of games in the regular season, this team is suddenly not playing well to adversity. At points during the game Ville Leino was the only one getting the puck anywhere close to the net.

After the Sabers scored the first and only goal of the game, their defense allowed the Flyers come into their zone only to not get the puck past the circles. Every shot that the Flyers flung towards the net was either wide or blocked.


Expanding Instant Replay

April 15th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Expanding Instant Replay | Filed in General

Bud Selig and his special committee have been discussing expanding instant replay further than just home run calls. The commissioner has also discussed the expansion with members of the umpire’s union. The result? A very good possibility for expanding instant replay as soon as 2012. While balls and strikes, nor plays at the bases or the plate would be reviewable, the expansion would include whether or not a ball caught close to the ground was either trapped or caught, and would include whether or not a ball landed fair or foul.

I agree that umpires should still control the strike zone and plays on the base path. While there are a lot of question calls relating to the strike zone, umpires need to be subject to review to verify their accuracy, not constantly questioned. I do, however, think that the proposed expansions would help the game.