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Does This Get You Excited?

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Quite possibly the worst commercial I’ve ever seen…

Real Lee

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General Lee Returns

Shrugging off a poor performance in his last start, the real Cliff Lee showed up in Washington tonight.  Lee was masterful, throwing a complete game, three-hit shutout, striking out twelve.  His pitches were inside, outside, up, down, fast, slow and in the strike zone all evening.  It took him only 99 pitches to do it.

Phillies 4 – Nationals 0.

Phils win, Phils win!

That’s back-to-back complete games for Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.


Let’s Go Flyers!

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Turn up speakers.  Click link.  Yeah!

Sixers Can Win If They Keep The Games Close

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Hail Mary!!

The Sixers are just good enough…to be mediocre. But sometimes, mediocre wins; with a little bit of luck. The phrase, it’s better to be lucky than good goes a long way when you’re discussing the 2010-2011 Sixers. A missed call, a buzzer-beater, a zany shot that just happens to roll in, a last second turnover, anything like that can put them over the top.

Here’s why. The 76ers finished the season with a 41-41 record. Ironically, they went 12-12 in their last 24 games. But that’s not the whole story. What’s telling is that The Sixers averaged 99 points per game this season. Their opponents averaged 97. So on paper, they win. Theoretically, they kept games close and pretty much had an opportunity to win more that their fair share. And they did. But there are some glaring statistics that shows that when the games on the line, the players are looking for answers and there is no go-to guy. Most teams have that one guy, that one play that defines them. And at times it’s one or two guys if the team is fortunate enough to have two. But it’s pretty scary when you have no one or no plan. So every night when they are up by one or down by two with 12 seconds left, they are all actually wondering: What is Doug drawing up?

Check this out. Six players on the 76ers are averaging double digits this season, with Brand being the leader in scoring with just over 15 ppg. The other 5 guys are 14, 14, 13, 12, 10. So there really is no team go to guy in the crunch. All of the perimeter players shoot below 45%, so this tells me that there is no lights out jump shooter on team. However, there are some streaky shooters.  When they need that one shot, anyone and I do mean anyone can shoot it.  I know that it’s usually Andre Iguodala or Lou Williams, but I’ve seen it go to Nocioni. I have seen it go to Jrue Holiday. You just never know.  You might look at 6 players averaging in double figures and say that it’s great team work. Or look how well they distribute the ball (Jrue Holiday only leads the team in assist with a 6.5 average).  Or these guys really love playing together. But what I see is a troop with no leader. A lot of ball movement. And no cadence caller. Take your pick. Ironically, their balance shows in their record.

I also noticed that they shoot a 46% field goal percentage and they keep their opponent at 45%. Again. A win. Pretty solid defense. Similarly, their 3pt shooting is a paltry 35%, but they keep their opponents at 34%; solid defense on the perimeter. And once again, a win!  Lastly, the Sixers average about 12.2 turnovers per game. That’s not too bad. Especially when they takeaway an average of 14. Again, a win!


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“RESPONSIBILITY” for the Philadelphia Sports World

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Remember Us?

I know you probably read the title and thought this was going to be another bash piece on the Philadelphia fans. Wrong! I am a Philadelphia sports fan, I get happy when they do well and are frustrated when they don’t. I’m not a person who “boo’s” but if you choose to that’s your preference. I will cheer as a sign of approval when something happens to benefit the positive outcome of the team. This is not what this post is about since we beat that to death last week. It is about the responsibility athletes,coaches and personnel have toward us, the fans.

There has been some historical actions and statements made by Philadelphia’s sports figures that are scarred our minds. There is the Ricky Watters “for who ?,for what?” on that opening September Sunday at the Vet (RIP) in the late stages of a game when “for me,that’s why” was the answer to the question. Then there was Allen Iverson, coincidentally dubbed “The Answer” spouting out about the reason for not taking his job seriously, Practice, ya’ll talkin ’bout practice. Lets not for about Erik Lindros’ mommy and daddy bitching and complaining and more recently a member of our currently beloved Phillies spouse not thinking before she spoke.

Fans are always criticized and it seems Philadelphia is the baseline for bad fan behavior. Fairly or not, it is the passion for which the fan sees the game. To the fan, it is an event. It is something that people take money they don’t have to attend a game. It transcends all walks of life. The fan doesn’t want to see players smiling at each other, posing for pictures and exchanging pleasantries. The fan doesn’t want to hear its their job. The fan wants sacrifice. The professional athlete,coach and front office fails to see that in many cases.

Philadelphia fans want accountability. The want someone to have the guts to take responsibility, sincerely! (Hear that Andy Reid). Words are empty, actions are complete. Many athletes and coaches get it, some don’t.



I Got ‘Em!

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Charlie Manuel strode to the mound last night in the ninth inning when ace Roy Halladay appeared to be running out of gas.  But with Roy Halladay, those conversations can be brief.  Halladay told Manuel “I got ’em… I got ’em.”  Charlie promptly turned and headed back to the dugout.  Halladay promptly struckout Matt Stairs and Pudge Rodriguez on six consecutive strikes to end the game.  It must be good to be that good!

I Got ‘Em!


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See what happens when you assume

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On Wednesday, Joel Sherman of the New York Post released an article in which it describes the Yankees (half-hearted) attempts to acquire a starting pitcher last July. They weren’t too upset when they lost out on Cliff Lee because they assumed that he would sign in the Bronx in the offseason. They played with the idea of trading for Dan Haren, who ultimately ended up in Anaheim. They were, however, frustrated with Astros GM Ed Wade for not making the Yankees fully aware that Roy Oswalt was available.

So it’s Wade’s fault that the Yankees didn’t do their due diligence? Give me a break. Sherman even goes on to say that not acquiring Haren, Lee, or Oswalt also cost them Petitte. Petitte was quoted as saying that if Lee had been signed by the Yankees, he would have too. Sherman assumes that Petitte would have returned if Haren or, long-time friend, Oswalt had been there.

This is what happens when you assume. The Yankees assumed they could trade for Cliff Lee. Wrong. The Yankees assumed that they could buy Cliff Lee in the offseason after Lee was traded to the Rangers. Wrong. The Yankees assumed that Roy Oswalt was unavailable. Wrong. The Yankees assumed that Petitte would return for 2011. Wrong. It must sting some to think that the Yankees missed out on not one, not two, but potentially three starting pitchers because of their assumptions. The best part of the whole thing is that Oswalt has been the best pitcher since being traded to the Phillies. Since being acquired by Philadelphia, Oswalt has been nothing short of spectacular.

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