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Comfort Zone: Phillippe Aumont

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Aumont has a 5:1 K:BB ratio with 0 hits in 2011

In December of 2009, the Phillies traded away Cliff Lee for OF Tyson Gillies, SP JC Ramirez, and RP Phillippe Aumont, with Aumont being the only player to even crack the Baseball America Top 100. The Phillies thought they could convert Aumont back into being a starter and fast track the then 21 year old. Aumont did not have even moderate success. In eleven starts in Reading, Aumont had an ERA north of seven and walked just as many as he struck out. The Phillies then demoted Aumont to Clearwater where they ultimately gave up and put him back into the pen.

Aumont is clearly made for the bullpen, and could be a key cog in the Philadelphia bullpen as early as next season. Aumont has been used three times since the opening of Reading’s 2011 campaign and so far, he’s been tremendous.

  • 3 games – 3.2 innings pitched – 5 strikeouts – 1 walk – 0 hits – 0.00 ERA


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Today what most sane people already knew was confirmed.  Barry Bonds has been found guilty of obstructing justice … stemming from the 2003 federal steroid investigation.

Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

 The jury could not reach a verdict on the other charges, which included lying to a grand jury when he denied knowingly taking steroids, and the judge ultimately declared a mistrial.

Bonds faces a maximum 10 years in federal prison for the obstruction of justice conviction.



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Doc Dominates Nats

Roy Halladay dominated the Washington Nationals tonight, throwing a complete game as the Phillies beat the Nats 3-2 in Washington.  Halladay allowed only two singles through the first eight innings, before running out of gas in the ninth and giving up two runs.   He still had enough in the tank though, to finish the game by striking out the last two Nationals batters – Matt Stairs and Ivan Rodriguez – on six pitches.  Halladay is now 2-0 with a 1.23 ERA.

Placido Polanco went 2 for 3 with an RBI to spark the offense.

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Flyers-Sabres Preview

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2011 feels so much different from 2010. There are so many more expectations, its either Lord  Stanley or bust this year. The run to the Finals starts with a tougher opponent than last year. The  Buffalo Sabres split the season series against the Flyers 2-2. This is going to be a tough first round  matchup that may go seven games if Ryan Miller plays to the best of his abilities.  Do not think,  however that on paper the two teams matchup; the Flyers are a much deeper team.

Much has been made about the recent skid for the orange and black. Since Feb. 17 the Flyers  have went 9-11-5 and lost their lead in the Eastern Conference to the surging Caps. One thing to  keep in mind is that whenever there was a chance that the Flyers could lose that lead in the East  against a team they were playing that night, they would win that game. They played one of their  best games of the season against the Penguins on March 29th, when the Pens had a chance to take over the lead in the East. When the Flyers have something to play for, they play a much different style of hockey.

There are three X-factors in this series. One is Chris Pronger. How much he will play is still up in the air. It seems likely that he will be eased into the series, but Pronger is a grizzled veteran, he knows the limits of his body and if he feels like he can play the 30 minutes that he did on the run last year then he will. He should provide the spark that the defense needs. Coburn and Meszaros have played excellent this season and should continue that play in the playoffs. The Flyers play so much better when the defense can be aggressive, with Pronger getting in the face of Tim Connolly and co. expect to see a lot more turnovers and odd man rushes for the Flyers. These rumors of if he will play or not, is just typical mind games during this time of year.

Next is the second line of Danny Briere Scott Hartnell and ???. Briere was quoted recently saying that he couldn’t wait to play his former team, which gets any player excited. He had an exceptional post season last year and thrives during this time of the year. The question is who do you put with these guys. The likely candidate would be Ville Leino, however coach Laviolette should put JVR on this line. He has really improved his skating this year and would be that big forward with a dazzling slap shot that could be put back in by Hartnell.

The third is Sergei Bobrovsky. It is ok to be nervous, if you’re a Flyers fan you know that the goaltending in the playoffs has been what has kept the team from being etched onto the Stanley Cup. The key for Bobrovsky is having the defense keep the plays in front of him. He is much more agile than Leighton was last year and I don’t expect the pressure to get to him because he hasn’t been around long enough to know just how much this means to the city. There are going to be those moments where you say why did we get this guy! But bear with him, these playoffs are going to be a coming out party for Bobs, he’ll prove once again GM Paul Holmgren is a genius.


Bob’s New Mask for the Playoffs

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Remembering Harry

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By Amy McCormick

It was one of those defining moments in our lives that we’ll always remember. Where were you when you heard that Harry Kalas had passed away two years ago today? I had my three young children at Smith Memorial Playhouse in Philadelphia when a friend texted me the news. In disbelief, I felt numb, and needed to sit down. Normally, the passing of celebrities doesn’t affect me much, and it never really has a personal impact on me. Harry was different, though. Having grown up with his voice in my living room, I felt as though it was a family member who had passed.

I won’t get into Harry’s life story; if you’re interested in reading a good biography, I recommend Harry the K by Randy Miller.

Some of us grew up listening to Harry and Whitey call Phillies games. Some fans didn’t become familiar with Harry until into the 2000s. Either way, if you were privileged enough to hear Kalas call just one game, you should consider yourself lucky. Truth be told, I don’t mind McCarthy and Wheeler; they pale in comparison, though. We were spoiled for so long with that famous baritone voice. He didn’t just do play by play; he invited us into the game so that we were all a part of the action. He wasn’t just a man in a booth or a voice on television. Harry personified the Phillies organization with his spirit, passion, and love of the game.

No one – and I mean no one – could call a game like Harry did. I can still hear him very vividly in my mind exclaiming “Struck him ouuttt” and “That ball is outttta heeeere.” His unmistakable voice will forever be imprinted in my brain. Kalas was just as much a part of the team as any player, and his passing changed Phillies baseball forever.

The “HK” patch is gone from the players’ uniforms, and the sign in left field has given way to an advertisement. He’s far from forgotten, though. Harry will be immortalized in the form of a statue at Citizens Bank Park, and we get to see and hear him at the conclusion of each game. If video footage of Harry Kalas singing “High Hopes” doesn’t make you at least a little bit emotional, then nothing will.


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Heat Vs ?

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Alter Egos and Hidden Faces

Since the departure of Allen Iverson from the NBA, I am a casual NBA fan but definitely a homer for the Sixers. Personally, I did not like the way the NBA owners colluded to get Iverson out of the NBA (yes, i said Colluded: collude [kəˈluːd] vb (intr) to conspire together, esp in planning a fraud; connive. Oxford Dictionary. You don’t like it, take it up with Oxford. Not me). My conspiracy theory is that AI was the final piece in Stern’s puzzle for cleaning up the NBA and ridding the Association of its urban hip-hop swag. Now you see less cornrows, less bitching about practice, less player/coach disputes, less crying, and of greater importance, less Ann Iverson. I digress. But even as AI came off the bench in Memphis as a Grizzly and before his grizzly departure, his jersey was still the number 3 selling jersey in the NBA behind Kobe and Lebron (I bought one). This was the final straw. Stern thought he had finally buried this cockroach as Tony Montana would say. And still, his following was Jay-Z-like. Had to go. If we were a fly on the wall at the owners conference call, it probably went something like this.

Stern: Gentlemen. This latest episode with Allen Iverson is it. I’m done with him. None of you will sign him…

Stephanski: But…

Stern: Shut up Ed. I’m done. D-o-n-e. Done.

Unknown voice on the call, sounds like the Timberwolves owner: With all due respect sir, how can we pretend that even at his age, there are 30 guards better than him?


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