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Blanton Blasted

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Not Blanton's Best

Joe Blanton gave up 5 earned runs through six innings as the Washinton Nationals beat the Phillies 7-4 in Washington.  Jayson Werth homered and doubled to lead the Nationals offense.  Washington is now just two games behind the Phils in the NL East.

Ryan Howard homered for the Phillies, his third of the year.

Not a great game for the Phils, but nice to have Roy Halladay on the mound tomorrow!

Manny’s Legacy vs. Hall Of Fame; It Ain’t Rosey!

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Who Cares?

So Manuel “Manny” Aristides Ramírez Onelcida has retired from Major League Baseball. He went out without celebration, without a goodbye, without a parade, and most importantly, without a fan base (Tampa Bay cannot be considered a fan base by any stretch of the imagination). That is sad. In Manny’s illustrious career, he has accumulated 555 HRs, 2574 Hits, 1831 RBI, and maintained a 312 BA. Simply. This guy was good.

As I watched this Shakespearean tragedy play out last week, I heard rhetoric and hyperbole from many of the baseball puritans, sportswriters, anal-lyst, and talking heads who have banished Manny from the Hall of Fame. How his legacy is ruined. How it’s one of the worst endings of a baseball career in history. And more. Even worst was the writers who stated that they would never vote Manny Ramirez into the Hall of Fame.

Well, let’s discuss The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for a minute. Because I’m going to guess that Manny Ramirez has never been there, even for a visit and I would place a very heavy bet on the odds of him ever attending in the future. Any takers? I’m also going to take a wild guess that only 1 out of 25 of you who read this post has ever been to the The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. So, why would Manny, Barry, Pete or whoever else has been verbally banished from this Holy Shrine really care if they’re in it or not? I live in upstate New York, about 65 miles from Cooperstown, NY. I have been to the Hall numerous times. Even ate a Hot Dog on the Holy front steps with an orange soda, as only a Philadelphian would do (It wasn’t a Frank’s, Thanks). And I will tell you; I wasn’t that damned impressed. The Hall gets about 350,000 visitors a year. A very small sample of MLB’s fan base. You would think that because of all the emphasis on who gets in and who is kept out, they could at least draw a million fans there per year. But they can’t and they won’t! You know why? Because, everybody who has meant anything to this recent era of baseball is being kept out; Starting with Pete Rose to Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmiero, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, and Manny Ramirez. A-Rod might get in there, but he will be very old or dead before “they” let him in. So our children and our children’s children might travel hundreds of miles to Cooperstown to look at plaques and paraphernalia belonging to Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven. Big whup.

Take a look at these names:
Aaron, Ashburn, Averill, Bell, Brock, Brown, Burkett, Carey, Charleston, Clarke, Clemente, Cobb, Combs, Crawford, Cuyler, Dawson, Delahanty, DiMaggio, Doby, Duffy, Flick, Goslin, Gwynn, Hafey, Hamilton, Heilmann, Henderson, Hill, Hooper, Irvin, Jackson Kaline, Keeler, Kelley, Kelly, Kiner, Klein, Mantle, Manush, Mays, McCarthy, Medwick, Musial, O’Rourke, Ott, Puckett, J. Rice, S. Rice, Robinson, Roush, Ruth, Simmons, Slaughter, Snider, Speaker, Stargell, Stearnes, Thompson,Torriente, L. Waner, P. Waner, Wheat, B. Williams, T. Williams, Wilson, Winfield, Yastrzemski, Youngs.


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Give it the old college try…

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NCAA Football

To the ordinary sports fan, college football has been put into the rear view mirror and will not be unearthed until the local farmers market starts advertising for pumpkins and hay bales. To the college football aficionados, the season never ends. The coaching carousel spins to the tune of the school marching band. Players make decisions regarding their football careers. Athletic directors and officials attend meeting after meeting discussing rule changes and violations. The most disturbing thing which seems to rear it’s ugly head however is the headline grabbing scandals.

The University of Miami started the wave pool when popular home-grown head coach Randy Shannon was let loose with his offensive coordinator Mark Whipple after they failed to beat cross state University of South Florida. A game where pre season press phenom Jacory Harris was supposed to bring back the ways of “The U” with an explosive offense to match Shannon’s defense. It never happened, Harris struggled and to the bench he went for freshmen Steven Morris. Didn’t matter. Gone was Shannon and Whipple for the a Golden boy named Al. Al Golden injected life into the Temple Owls, the Division I school from the heart of North Philadelphia. Temple Football teetered dangerously with extinction before coach Golden sent the Owls bowling. Miami wants to keep a clean image. The Ghosts of “the U” are shuttering at the thought. Time will tell , but Miami and Al Golden will give it the old college try…

Fiesta Bowl official John Junker for 30 years was the driving force behind the Fiesta Bowl, one of the BCS shining jewels. Then came this year when the decision was made to take Big East over achievers UConn with the stoic Randy Edsall and send them from the chilled northeast to the warm environs of Tempe, Arizona to meet the Boomer Sooners. College football fans cringed at this matchup and tried to convince themselves that UConn had a punchers chance. The box office took a beating. UConn students and alumni couldn’t gather enough financial support and they took a bath both in the pocket and on the field. This mismatch helped bring light to the ledger sheet and found strip clubs, birthday parties and trips were financed by this non-profit bowl. Edsall moved on to Maryland, considered an upgrade, while the BCS brains decide what to do. The Cotton Bowl is already being whispered as replacing the Fiesta as an official BCS bowl. The dilemma is to do whats right. The BCS will give it the old college try…

With the state of the NFL unknown, the NFL draft fast approaches. The combines have come and gone and the draftniks have changed their mind on a weekly basis. Prospective draft picks hold pro days and edit film of their greatest hits to try to achieve the dream of every 65 pounder playing Pop Warner, make it on the stage on the first day of the draft. These gifted talents by now have accepted invitations to be in New York City for the opportunity to don that team cap. Some will squirm in their seats as the numbers are called. The camera will focus on these guy’s discomfort and dismay. There will be surprises no doubt. Some kid will be grocery shopping when he gets the call. It happens every year. The current NFL players union or non-union tries to encourage these kids not to attend the draft to show solidarity. These are the same guys that will make their new teammates buy the breakfast at camp, carry helmets and get the chicken for the road trips. Just today, the NCAA player security official warned the students that accepting anything at the sponsored draft parties would jeopardize their own eligibility, a black mark , per se. Both the NFL Players and NCAA want the potential new millionaires to do the right thing. In a few weeks the pictures may become clearer but both are giving it the old college try…..


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Time To Prove His Werth During National Concern

April 12th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Time To Prove His Werth During National Concern | Filed in General

Zimmerman is out. LaRoche is questionable. Can Werth pick up the slack?

As the Phillies enter game one of their three game series with the Nationals, news out of the nation’s capital doesn’t look good. Well, for the Nationals that is. Yesterday, the Nationals placed 3B Ryan Zimmerman on the 15-day DL with a slight abdominal strain. Zimmerman has been dealing with the strain since spring training. To make matters worse, 1B Adam LaRoche is questionable for tonight’s game with a slight labrum tear in his shoulder and left Sunday’s game against the Mets with a slight groin strain. While the groin strain isn’t believed to affect LaRoche too much if he does play, I would definitely think the shoulder injury will affect his hitting. So the Nationals are already down Zimmerman, losing LaRoche would definitely impede their ability to compete with Phillies. Looks like even more pressure will be on “premeire” off season acquisition Jayson Werth to succeed against the Phillies.

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Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs: 76ers vs. Heat

April 12th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs: 76ers vs. Heat | Filed in General

On paper, this looks to be about as evenly matched as Wilt Chamberlain going up against the New York Knicks in March of 1962. Many will say that the Sixers have no shot. That the Heat have too much star power to even allow the Sixers to even be competitive. Based on hype, the Sixers will never be within striking distance of the Heat, but that is all on paper.

Coming soon to the CBS lineup: Another Two and a Half Men.

I have a feeling that the Sixers will be a thorn in the Heat’s side in the first round. While I doubt that the Sixers will make it out of the first round, I do think however, they may make a series out of it. The Sixers lost all 3 games against the Heat this season, but were never more than a dozen points behind in the losses. The Sixers actually had a 16 point lead against the Heat before blowing it late in the game. The key to this series will be the Sixers’ ability to defend LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. Both have the ability to take over a game, but James gets a small case of Andre Iguodala at the end of games. So, the Sixers should smother Wade and manage James and Bosh.

Doug Collins: 2010-2011 NBA Coach of the Year?

Ironically, most of the nation will actually be rooting for the Sixers in the first round. Acutally rooting for a team from Philadelphia. It just shows how much people think of “King” James and his antics. Look for the Sixers to steal a game, possibly two, before being bounced from the playoffs. The most important part is that they actually made the playoffs. If they can continue to progress under Coach Doug Collins, they may even get further next season.

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