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Phillies at Nationals Preview

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The Phillies won their third consecutive series to open the 2011 season. The Phillies matched up very well against the Braves and could have swept if not for a dud in the first game in which they led 3-0 before giving up six unanswered runs and not being able to come back. Oswalt and Hamels shined in games two and three. After an off day on Monday, the Phillies will head to the nation’s capital for a three game series against Jayson Werth and the Nationals. The Phillies will send out Joe Blanton, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee. The Nationals will counter with Livan Hernandez, John Lannan, and Jordan Zimmerman. (more…)

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Bastardo Breaking Out?

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25-year old Antonio Bastardo, like a lot of other major league players, had a lot of success as a minor leaguer. He’s never had a season ERA above 4.00. Since 2007, he’s never had a season ERA above 3.00. Since 2009, his ERA has hovered right around 2.00. His strike out per nine rate has only been in single digits once and that was 9.3 Ks. He bounced back and forth between the Phillies and the minors in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, he struggled to the tune of a 6.46 ERA with a 7.2 K/9 rate. In 2010, he improved to a 4.34 ERA with a 12.5 K/9 rate.  The only thing that seemed to be holding him back was his inability to keep hitters off the base path. Bastardo’s major league WHIPs were never lower than 1.479 in his first two seasons, but that all has apparently changed.

In a limited amount of a time, Bastardo has shown the dominance he had against minor leaguers. In 4.2 innings so far this season, Bastardo has seen sixteen batters. Of those sixteen, only two have reached base. He’s walked none and struck out nine, including striking out six consecutive batters in the sixth and seventh innings in last Friday’s loss to the Braves, tying Willie Hernandez and Jack Meyer for the franchise record for striking out a consecutive number of batters.


If Bastardo can continue his success over the course of the season, it will give the Phillies front office no reason to bring JC Romero back as the late inning left handed reliever. The only question is who replaces Bastardo as the early inning lefty. Do I think that Bastardo is good enough to be the closer for the Phillies? No, but I do think that he has the talent to fill in every now and then. I also think that this year could move him into the primary late inning left hander for years to come.


Brown Tee’d Off

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As we congratulate Charl Schwartzel on winning the 2011 Masters, Domonic Brown also tee’d off recently. The only difference is that Brown isn’t aiming for the fairways, but to make his way back to the Phillies 25-man roster. Brown has started hitting off of a tee and playing soft toss last week as he continues to rehab his broken hamate bone. The Phillies’ unofficial official stance is that they don’t want to rush Brown and that there is no timetable as to when he will make into a game. A more realistic reason as to why they are happy to take their time is the success that Gload, Francisco, Ibanez, Victorino, and Mayberry have all had. Brown needs to prove that he can hit like he did the last two seasons in the minors before re-joining the team.