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Knowing your limitations

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Halladay threw 250.2 inning in 2010. The Phillies should be limiting the number of unnecessary innings for Halladay and the rest of the starting rotation.

Roy Halladay was back at it on Thursday, as he led the Phillies to a 11-0 rout of the Mets in the series finale. Halladay went seven scoreless innings, fanning seven and walking one. He threw 113 pitches in the outing and scattered just six hits. While this is a very good outing for Halladay, the problem I have is this: Why is Roy Halladay being sent out for the seventh inning? The Phillies were leading 8-0 after the sixth inning, an inning that ended with Halladay at 99 pitches on the day. While it was just 14 pitches for the final inning, there was no need to send him out. An eight run lead and the perfect opportunity for some relievers to get some work in with 9 outs to go. I don’t want any of our starting pitchers to be out on the mound any longer than they have to. I’d rather they save their bullets for when they need them at the end of the season, and hopefully, the post season.

Minority Report: 4/8/11

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The Lakewood, Clearwater, Reading, and Lehigh Valley affiliations of the Phillies organization all got under way for the 2011 season on Thursday. Reading was the only team to lose on the first day of minor league season. Some of the highlights include: (more…)

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