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Can Tiger Regain Mastery?

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Who Will Don The Green JacketThis Year?

With The Masters starting tomorrow, I want to revisit a post I wrote over a year ago when the Tiger Woods scandal first broke.  Below is a copy of the article, and interestingly Woods has not won a single tournament since his ‘private’ life became less than private.  Perhaps just as interesting is the fact that despite Woods’ decline over the past year, he is still the second favorite to win the tournament, right behind defending champion Phil Mickelson.  Mickelson is 6 to 1 to win it again, and Woods is 8 to 1.
What do you think?  Will Tiger Woods ever be the same player again?

ORIGINALLY POSTED February 2, 2010

I was enjoying dinner with friends last night, when inevitably the Tiger Woods subject came up. By the end of the discussion, I was (surprisingly) alone in my opinion that this isn’t just Tiger’s business. I was amazed that three of my friends and my wife held the position that this should be between Tiger and his wife, and the media is blowing things out of proportion. People shouldn’t be this interested in this guy’s sex life, they argued.

While I respect their opinions, I think that’s total BS. Tiger Woods is currently the most famous athlete in the world. He has presented himself for over a decade as the perfect athlete, who wins through conditioning, preparation, and being mentally tougher than his opponents. He was invincible, with no apparent flaws in his game. He also projected an image of domestic bliss, with a beautiful blonde, model-esque wife, and two adorable children. The picture was carefully crafted, and perfect. 


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Booo to You Too!

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For those of you who booed Cole Hamels at Citizen’s Bank Park yesterday, here’s what I have to say to you:  You’re idiots! 

Sure, the guy had a bad outing (it happens), but we’re in the fourth game of a potentially great season.  Hamels had a terrific year in 2010 and was World Series MVP in 2008.  Do you really want to just spew your venom immediately at one of the better pitchers this organization has ever developed?  Come on!  Is there NO margin for error in this town at all?  Are you guys perfect at your jobs?  Get real!!  For all of you who booed the guy, listen to this, “Booooooo to you too!”  You deserve it more than him.


Minor Collision on 222

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Iron Pigs Opening Day is Thursday, April 7th.

Yesterday, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and the Reading Phillies took part in what has become something of a tadition. The annual matchup between levels before the season starts. The ‘Pigs won the game 6-1 to move 3-1 all-time against Reading. Ryne Sandberg’s ‘Pigs were off to a good start as they plated four earned runs off of JC Ramriez, who was a part of the infamous Cliff Lee trade of 2009.

Probably the most exciting part of the game actually happened of the field. The Iron Pigs debuted their Bypass service to fans. Bypass is software that can be downloaded either via app or through (more…)

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Selig hints at future of MLB

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Big Plans for MLB?

Bud Selig has goals in mind for Major League Baseball. Unless his role as comissioner is extended, he has a very short window to execute these plans. In a recent interview with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Selig divulged a couple of these plans.

Despite the watered down product, and increasing salaries to premier talent trickling down to lesser players, Major League Baseball has no intentions of contracting. I would not be surprised that this has nothing to do with Major League Baseball’s intent. I believe the strength of the MLBPA is so strong that there is no chance that the players would even remotely allow it. Click to continue reading. (more…)

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