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Terrible Tuesday

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What a schmitty night for Philly sports! No Pictures of Poop needed!



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The Phillies yet again had trouble out of the gate in the series opener. A six run third inning by the Mets were all that they needed. The Phils could only manage one run as the Mets pitching kept them off balance all night. Hamels had a little trouble not only with his command, but also with the strike zone.

So the dream of 162 – 0 is now unattainable. The Phillies need Joe Blanton to right the ship Wednesday to keep any chance at winning the series.

The Mets? Really?

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Not the Mets!

I knew they weren’t gonna go 162-0, but did the Phillies’ first loss really have to come against the hated Mets?  Is there any more wretched hive of scum and villainy than Metsville? (5 points if you name the movie quote!)  The Phils just didn’t have it tonight.  Cole Hamels got shellacked for 6 runs in 2.2 innings.  The offense had plenty of chances to score and get back in the game, but Mets pitcher Chris Young pitched out of jam after jam.  Junk ballers seem to give this team trouble, although they still looked better than they did last year when the bats went into comas from time to time.  Tomorrow’s another day.  Joe Blanton vs. Mike Pelfrey.  7:05 p.m. ET.


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Off days can be tough when the only Phillies related news is that Kyle Kendrick’s home in Mt. Vernon, Washington was robbed, coincidentally, on the same day he had an open house. I’ll get into that when more details surface.

Today, I’d like to touch on rivalries. The Mets come in to town tonight for a three game series. We’ve been told that we are division rivals by the media, but what truely makes us rivals? Both teams have rarely been good at the same time. Outside of 2007 and 2008, when have we ever really battled them for anything of significance?

I get the whole New York versus Philadelphia aspect of it, but the Mets, in my opinion, aren’t anything more than that of a pimple on the rear end of the universe as far as rivalries go. The same should be true to Met fans about us. Sure, they really want to beat the Phillies this series, but that is more because of the expectation levels for both teams. This is a playoff type situation for the Mets while just another cold day at the office for the Phillies.

If any team in the division should be considered a rival, shouldn’t it be the Marlins? Of all the crazy things that happen when the Phillies and Marlins matchup, perfect game, fair ball called foul that would have won it for the Marlins, the Marlins beating us out of the Wild Card in 2003 and going on to win the World Series, I’m more up for the Marlins being our main rivals. Both teams really get up for these games, despite the standings. Who do you think should be our main rival and why?