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A tale of two Lees

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On a blustery, chilly night in South Philadelphia, Cliff Lee made his return to a capacity crowd. The Phillies faithful made sure to bring the intensity up with every two strike count and every plate appearance Lee made. The only mistakes that Cliff Lee made all night were to his long lost cousin, Carlos Lee. Carlos knocked 3 of the Astros 4 runs with a triple with a man on and a two run homer.

JA Happ will not be making his scheduled start tomorrow for the Astros. Instead righthander Bud Norris will take his place.

On Deck: Baseball with the ‘Stars’

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In case you don’t know, on May 15th, 2011, the Atlanta Braves will be hosting the Philadelphia Phillies in this year’s Civil Right’s Game. MLB is expanding it from a one day affair to a four day event leading up to the Phillies-Braves contest. For one night only, the Phillies and Braves will play as the Stars and the Black Crackers. MLB is glad to be featuring these two teams as both teams have a diverse group of superstars.

WEST Coast Bias?

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So many fans of teams such as the Giants, Dodgers, and Angels say that there teams don’t get any respect because of them being on the west coast. The say that teams like the Phillies, Yankees, and Red Sox all get more “face” time on MLB Network and ESPN due to being on the east coast. They all seem to feel that what is newsworthy out west, should be newsworthy in the east, and I agree.

Opening Day is supposed to be a glorious day. A sign of spring’s arrival. A sign of new beginnings. A new chapter. A clean slate. What happened on Opening Day for one fan was just the opposite. In fact, it was a nightmare. Bryan Stow made the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the first day of the baseball season. He came to see his World Champion Giants take the first step in defending their title. Not only did he see his favorite team lose, he saw himself end up in the hospital.

Stow was attacked by two men, the first punching him in the head from behind. The blow knocked Stow unconscious upon hitting the ground. As Stow lay unconscious, the two men continued to kick the man for the better part of a minute. Stow was in critical, but stable condition, and as of this entry, was not breathing on his own.

Now if this were to happen in Philly, every last one of us would be painted with a broad brush. We’d all be thugs or gangbangers or whatever. It would have been the lead story on sports and non-sports news shows. However, since it was in Los Angeles, the matter is basically being swept under the rug. So while all these fans want the national attention, I say let them have it, but don’t talk about the actions a couple of knuckleheads in one fan base, if yours isn’t any better.