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Minor Notes: Starting Points

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Minor league assignments have been made official in the past few days. So here’s a breakdown of where members of the Phillies top 10 prospects will begin their 2011 seasons. Opening Day for some the minor league teams are right around the corner, so if you live within driving distance of any of these teams, I highly recommend making the trip. (more…)

Phils win, ex-Phils shine

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The Phillies won in dramatic fashion off of a bases loaded single by John Mayberry in the bottom of the ninth. The single capped off a three run ninth as the Phillies rallied for the win.

Former Phils, Brett Myers and Michael Bourn shined for the Astros. Myers pitched seven strong innings allowing just one run. Michael Bourn was responsible for three of the four Astros runs. He knocked in two runs via a triple then scored himself on a sacrifice fly.

It was a good win for the Phillies and a good way to start the season. The Phillies send Cliff Lee out tomorrow night for Kid’s Opening Night. The Astros counter with Wandy Rodriguez.

Czech phenom voids contract!

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In a bizarre turn of events, Czech phenom, Jiri Smicer will not be joining the Phillies organization. In the March 31st, 2011 edition of Narodni Blazen, the career of Czech phenom Jiri Smicer all but vanished in one horrible decision. Loosely translated, the phenom was to meet with Czech president Vaclav Havel before boarding an airplane to his new life in the United States. An obviously inebriated Smicer showed up 45 minutes late, looking completely disheveled.  To make matter worse, as Havel made an attempt to shake Smicer’s hand, the phenom proceeded to kick the president in the groin and attempted to perform a move that, witnesses stated, appeared similar to that of WWE wrestler Triple H’s former finishing move, “The Pedigree”. Czech Secret Service grabbed the phenom and threw him to the ground as they secured President Havel. Smicer injured his right arm in the process. While being escorted to the local police station, Smicer was heard screaming, “Zápasitmania, jsem tady!”, which loosely translates to “Wrestlemania, here I come!”

Phillies sub GM Sam Prophrick released a statement earlier today stating that the Phillies were highly embarassed by the altercation and believed that it was caused by a miscommunication between Smier and Smicer’s agent Scot Boreas. The Phillies wished to have Smicer join the Reading Phillies organization to tryout to be a part of the team’s Mascot Band and be a villian to team mascot “Crazy Hot Dog Vendor”. Boreas informed his client that he was going to tryout for the Reading Phillies, and upon finding out correct information, witness accounts state that Smicer was seen at a local bar drinking profusely until closing.

Smicer faces 25 years imprisonment for attempting to assault the president. When having his statement taken by police Smicer would only repeat one statement: “Happy April Fool’s Day”.

Just a little fun for today. Go Phils!

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The Journey Begins

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Weather permitting, the Phillies will take the field today at 1:05 in search of their third world championship in team history. All the questions about right field, second base, and the lineup will begin to be answered today. No one knows how this team will look, or rank, come the end of September, but let’s remember to enjoy the journey that will take us through the summer and hopefully into the fall classic. It all starts today, friends, and there are only two things left to say.

Play Ball!


Let’s Go Phils!

Phillies sign Czech phenom to minor league deal!

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Got a tip from a buddy who is in the military. He is stationed at a military base on the eastern border of Germany, not far from the Czech Republic border. He sent me an e-mail from the March 29th, 2011 edition of Narodni Blazen, a regional newspaper. The story goes on to say that the Phillies have signed 17 year old Jiri Smicer, son of former soccer player Vladimir Smicer, to a contract. No terms were disclosed.

After doing some difficult research, I could get very little info as far as a scouting report. All that I could find out was that he stands 193 cm (6’4″) and weighs 15.5 stones (217 lbs.). The majority of the information I could find was written in Czech, but I managed to find out that he had an offer from AVG Draci Brno, which has is basically the Czech version of the Yankees. They have a 13 year championship run in the Extraliga, one of a couple of leagues in the Czech Republic. For a team like that to be interested in this player, I only expect good things.

More as it develops. (As a side note, it was kind of funny to see that “Philadelphia Phillies” has no translation.)

Phillies sign Belliard

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Phillies agreed to terms on a minor league deal with INF Ronnie Belliard. Belliard, 35, was cut by the Yankees at the beginning of the week. He can play first base, second base, and third base. He will report to Lehigh Valley. Another versatile/depth move for the Phils.

The Day Before

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Opening Day is a great occasion here in Philadelphia, and the day before is almost like a bachelor party. On Thursday, programming filled our televisions and radios based all around the Phillies. Former players like Larry Bowa, Darren Daulton, and Chris Coste, baseball reporters Jayson Stark, Jim Salisbury, and David Murphy all chimed in on their thoughts and predictions. In case you missed them, here’s some of the highlights from the day before. (more…)