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Castillo released

March 30th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Castillo released | Filed in General

Luis Castillo has been released according to a tweet by CSN Philly’s Jim Salisbury. Castillo signed a minor league contract with the Phillies after being released by the Mets almost two weeks ago. With the departure of Castillo and the removal of Matt Rizzotti from the 40-man roster, a spot should be open for Rule V pick Michael Martinez. As soon as Utley and Lidge are put on the DL, two more spots should open with one likely going to Michael Stutes.

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Analyse THIS!

March 30th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Analyse THIS! | Filed in General

The Ageless Wonder, Jamie Moyer is set to join ESPN’s Baseball Tonight as an analyst. He will make his season debut on Thursday. Moyer is recovering from Tommy John surgery and still plans to pitch in 2012.


The Rotation in April

March 30th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on The Rotation in April | Filed in General

As we all know, you can’t win the division or a playoff spot in April, but you sure as heck can lose one. Even though my team preview has only been out a matter of moments, I’d like to break down how each of the five starters has done in their career in the month of April. We all have high expectations of how we think they will perform, but this will give you an idea of what should happen.

  • Halladay: 57 GS – 28-18 with a 3.88 ERA (7.0 IP, 7 Hs, 1.4 BBs, 5 Ks)
  • Lee: 26 GS – 13-5 with a 2.84 ERA. (6.1 IP, 5.4 Hs, 1.7 BBs, 5 Ks)
  • Oswalt: 50 GS – 21-18 with a 3.42 ERA (6.2 IP, 6.5 Hs, 1.8 BBs, 5 Ks)
  • Hamels: 20 GS – 7-8 with a 4.11 ERA (6.1 IP, 6.3 Hs, 1.8 BBs, 6.2 Ks)
  • Blanton: 26 GS – 7-11 with a 4.62 ERA (6.1 IP, 7 Hs, 1.7 BBs, 3.7 Ks)

The numbers in parentheses are how each start went on average. While Blanton and Hamels have higher ERAs, they both have been pitching better as of late. The stat that sticks out the most to me is the number of innings pitched per start. Each starter has gotten into the seventh inning on average. That’s a good sign to me.

Countdown to Opening Day: 2 Days

March 30th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Countdown to Opening Day: 2 Days | Filed in General

At this point in the season, all the people who know, or think they know, baseball are making their predictions on how the season will go. The last two days of Countdown will be dedicated to that goal. Today, I will try to break down the how the Phillies will fare in 2011. In the final edition of Countdown for 2011, I will make my offerings into how the Phillies will shake out against the rest of MLB, including postseason standings and award winners. So click below the fold and compare my thoughts to your own. (more…)


Stutes to get his chance?

March 29th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Stutes to get his chance? | Filed in General

In line for the final spot in the 'pen?

Even after being sent down to the minors on March 18th, Michael Stutes is getting his opportunity to make the show. With the news of Brad Lidge being shelved until May, the Phillies bullpen is currently set up with Jose Contreras, Ryan Madson, J.C. Romero, Danys Baez, Kyle Kendrick, and Antonio Bastardo. With one spot open until atleast mid-May, Stutes’ impressive spring may give him the chance to stay with the parent organization. So far this Spring, Stutes has been dominant. He’s appeared in seven games totaling 11 innings with a 0.82 ERA. He’s given up just 4 hits, 2 walks and 14 strikeouts. The way he has succeeded this spring, he could be inline for the 7th inning job.


Lidge out until May

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Has Lidge thrown his last pitch as a Phillie?

The MRI on Brad Lidge’s bum shoulder showed a rotator cuff strain. Lidge will be sidelined for 3-6 weeks. He can begin throwing again in about three weeks, but will have to be re-evaluated at that point. He is not expected to make his 2011 debut until the end of May at the earliest. Unlike the case with Utley, the Phillies have a significant amount of depth as far as relievers go. Manuel will go with Contreras as the closer to start the season.

If the shoulder doesn’t get any better after six weeks, surgery may be required. Recovery from rotator cuff surgery generally is atleast 4-6 months. If Lidge requires surgery, his career with the Phillies is virtually over.


Brad Lidge spoke about his time table today and it is worse than we think. Lidge isn’t going to even touch a baseball for 3-6 weeks. At that point he’ll be evaluated again and could possibly start a throwing program. Lidge went on to say that he doesn’t expect to be game ready atleast until the end of May or June.


Does it get any better than this!

March 29th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Does it get any better than this! | Filed in General

I don’t believe in jinxes. Can’t wait to pick one up!