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From the “If you don’t have anything nice to say” files

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Since my vise in life is baseball, I basically have the MLB Network on whenever I am infront of a TV at home. Tonight, while doing my “Countdown” entry for tomorrow, an episode of 30 Clubs in 30 Days was on. If you don’t have MLB Network or don’t know what the 30 Clubs in 30 Days series is, it’s basically an hour long season preview. Tonights episode was for the Washington Nationals. Former Phillie closer Mitch Williams was on the panel and in the opening conversation talked about acquisitions.

…I think absolutely, in acquiring Jayson Werth, one of the most coveted free agents this winter, Matt Stairs, veteran left handed guy off the bench, Rick Ankiel, Adam LaRoche, [GM Mike] Rizzo is showing everybody in Washington that he is going to try to make this team better…

Wow. I had to rewind it a couple of times to let it sink in. Werth pulled a Steve Miller Band and took the money and ran. Stairs? I love me some Matt Stairs, but he shouldn’t see too much time in the field. When he is in the batter’s box, just don’t give him anything to hit. He’s probably going in as a pinch hitter and is, as we all know, only looking for something he can hit out of the country. Rick Ankiel? Adam LaRoche? They are nice role players and all, but really Mitch? I think those two settled and are hoping to get traded at the deadline. It must’ve been pretty hard to think of things that will actually give Nationals fans hope.

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‘First Pitch Jimmy’ Is At It Again!

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I Just Need One Pitch, I'm That Good!

Jimmy Rollins had three at-bats today.  Guess how many times he swung at the first pitch?  You got it – all three times.  Three plate appearances in the game and he saw three total pitches.  This is not only unacceptable, it is ridiculously maddening!  J-“Roll” is supposed to be the Phillies lead-off hitter.  How about this concept – try to get on base for the 2-3-4 hitters?  Or how about taking some pitches so your teammates can gauge the pitcher’s stuff?  Heck, what about seeing a pitch or two yourself so you have a better chance of hitting the ball!  This is a guy who has hit .243 last year and .250 the year before that.  Hey Jimmy, your approach ISN’T WORKING!

The Phillies are overdue for a change at the top of the order.  Charlie Manuel is loyal to a fault, but Charlie, you gotta realize that Rollins is no longer a productive lead-off hitter.  At this point in his career he is a no-hit, good glove shortstop.  Drop him to the eighth spot in the order where his numbers warrant and move on.  I cannot take watching him play this selfishly any longer.  It is unfair to his teammates and the fans who watch him bat for his own ego and numbers on a team with this much talent.

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Outing, tempers short for Oswalt, Phillies UPDATE

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In today’s game versus the Rays, Roy Oswalt was hit behind the right ear off of a line drive by Manny Ramirez. Oswalt did not lose consciousness or experience any dizzyness and was able to walk off the field under his own power. He will obviously be tested for a concussion as early as today or tomorrow. He is already having x-rays done and we’ll update you as soon as possible.

Back on the field, the Phillies players’ tempers were real short supposedly after one or more Rays players were seen laughing while Oswalt lay on the ground.

More as it develops.


A CT scan and x-rays were both negative. Oswalt was coherent in the clubhouse and pitching coach Rich Dubee said that Oswalt wanted to stay in the game. I imagine that even though he should have one start left before the season starts, Oswalt will probably will be done for the spring.

Countdown to Opening Day: 9 Days

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Yup. We are officially down to single digits. It’s definitely been an ongoing battle to keep finding things to write about without continuously overlapping one another, but just over a week and the stories will flow pretty steadily for the next six months or so.  As far as actual baseball goes, the Phillies won against Toronto in what was supposed to be Luis Castillo’s spring debut. Cliff Lee went six innings giving up just two earned runs. Danys Baez was in the “holiday spirit” as it was his turn to get “Christmas treed” in the ninth making the game closer than it needed to be.  On to an update edition of the “countdown”. (more…)

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