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Goodbye, Kevin?

March 21st, 2011 by Mike H. | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles

About to fly the coup?

I normally write about the Phils, but I will temporarily throw my hat into the Eagles’ nest tonight. The NFLPA has requested to file an injunction to lift the lock out. That will go before a U.S. District Judge on April 6th. If the injunction lifts the lock out the NFL will be a whirl wind, especially for Jeffrey Lurie’s Eagles. The Eagles have been able to talk to other teams about Kevin Kolb. They just currently have the inability to deal him due to the labor situation. If an injunction is granted, the Eagles will have roughly three weeks to get the best deal for Kevin Kolb. The Eagles will and should be looking to move Kolb to a team for picks in this year’s draft. Kolb should be able to garner a good return as seven of the top ten draft picks belong to teams who are in desperate need of a quarterback.

  • Panthers: 1st pick
  • Bills: 3rd pick
  • Bengals: 4th pick
  • Cardinals: 5th pick
  • Browns: 6th pick
  • 49ers: 7th pick
  • Titans: 8th pick

If the Eagles do get the opportunity to deal Kolb for a substantial return, don’t you kind of have to pursue it? I would love to see Kolb as the quarterback going forward, but that decision is not up to me. However, if Kolb can garner one of those teams picks in this year’s draft, you kind of have to go for it to help the team win now.

I am not a huge football guy as baseball is my passion, but is it not reasonable to think that the Eagles take any of those picks and sell to the highest bidder on draft day? If they can turn Kevin Kolb from a top ten pick to a later first and a second or third in this year’s draft, that would give them the ability to acquire better talent. Now that the skill positions have been clearly defined, the Eagles can get back into drafting the trenchs. They obviously need help on both lines.


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Countdown to Opening Day: 11 Days

March 21st, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Countdown to Opening Day: 11 Days | Filed in General

In what should be his next to last start of the spring, Joe Blanton got what I like to call “Christas Treed”. As in lit up like one. I’m not so much concerned about the pitching though. Would I have liked to see the pitching staff a little sharper? Sure, who wouldn’t. I feel confident chalking atleast a small portion of the lack of success up to just the time of year. Every year we see the staff experience a “dead arm” period at the end of spring. What causes “dead arm”? I’m going to say its partially mental. These guys are all veterans looking to just get the season going. With that thought out of the way, let’s take a look at the countdown. (more…)