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Barkley Doesn’t Have A Clue

January 27th, 2011 by Johnny G | 2 Comments | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers

Charles Barkley has been making sure his opinion has been heard loud and clear across the world of sports over the past week. His comments have ranged from the criticism of Bears’ QB Jay Cutler all the way to our very own 76ers.

Barkley was quoted as saying “Why is Doug Collins trying to win games? That’s stupid. They should develop the young guys and try to get a better draft pick.”

Barkley then went out on a ledge even further with his next set of comments; “Doug’s a great coach. Don’t get me wrong. But sometimes coaches get carried away with their own egos. But in a situation like this, it’s not about them.”

Maybe I’m just being naive here but I really don’t see any basis for these comments whatsoever. I’m left shaking my head for a couple of reasons.

1. Which “young guys” are not being developed at this time because of the rotation or in-game strategy of Doug Collins? Craig Brackins? Let’s get real here. Jrue Holiday is an integral part of this team, Meeks is now starting, Thaddeus Young now plays a critical role off the bench, and Marreese Speights has seen his minutes increase with improved play. Who is being left out here?


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The Brett Favre Clause

January 26th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on The Brett Favre Clause | Filed in Football, General, NFL, Sports

Now that Brett Favre has retired yet again, maybe the third time is a charm, it looks like Favre may be able to leave his mark on the NFL in another way. Recently, Carson Palmer, of the Cincinnati Bengals, approached members of the front office and demanded to be traded. He also threatened to retire if his demands weren’t met. Now, Favre never used his own clause as an opt out. He just was a drama queen.


Is it possible that more and more players threaten retirement if they don’t get their way. The NFL already has non-guaranteed contracts as it is, so what ultimately is the difference between retiring and getting cut? Basically the person making the decision. I wonder if the Owner’s Association and the Player’s Association even pursue this topic going forward with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. If the league will allow players to retire from the league and un-retire the following year, as Favre had done twice, what is stopping players from doing so to get out of unwanted situations.

I think the NFL needs to get ahead of this potential problem before agents like Drew Rosenhaus figure out how to take advantage of this. Could you imagine DeSean Jackson retiring because the Eagles refuse to redo his contract and then signing the following year with a NFC East rival?

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Brown, Singleton named to Top 50.

January 25th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Brown, Singleton named to Top 50. | Filed in Phillies

Will Domonic Brown start the season in AAA?

On Tuesday night, in a prime time special on MLB Network, MLB unveiled their top 50 prospects for 2011. Representing the Phillies were OF Domonic Brown (4th) and  1B/OF Jonathan Singleton (30th). Brown is listed as having a chance at making the club out of spring training. While I do think the young man has the tools to play now, I’d love for him to spend a couple of weeks in AAA Lehigh Valley to refine them. I just don’t see the point in calling up your top positional player prospect if he is not going to play regularly.


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Roy Halladay Running Laps at CBP….in January?

January 25th, 2011 by Johnny G | Comments Off on Roy Halladay Running Laps at CBP….in January? | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Here’s a photo taken on Monday, January 24th of Roy Halladay running laps on the warning track at CBP in a pair of shorts. Temperature? 9 degrees. Think he takes his craft seriously? Good god.

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Cole Hamels’ next contract.

January 25th, 2011 by Mike H. | 2 Comments | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

2011 could be a big season for Hamels.

Cole Hamels is currently in the final year of a 3 year/20.5 million dollar contract with the Phillies. However, the Phillies will keep Hamels for atleast one more season, as he has one final year of arbitration eligibility in 2012. The Phillies will have to decide soon what kind of commitment to make to him in the near future. That decision hopefully will come sooner than later.

To determine what Hamels’ next contract could be, we have to look at some comprable pitchers. As per, Hamels’ closest comprables among active starting pitchers would be Jered Weaver, Chad Billingsley, Jon Lester, and Ubaldo Jimenez. (more…)

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Why I am angry Schmitty!

January 23rd, 2011 by Schmitty | Comments Off on Why I am angry Schmitty! | Filed in 94WIP, Football, General, NFL, Sports

Being a Philly fan can sometimes be tough

With much apologies to fellow Philadelphia sports fans that I have disagreed with, debated and annoyed there is a reason. AND it’s not personal, rather 42 years of frustration.
As I sit here and I am watching the Packers beating the Bears, I wonder why not the Eagles?
Here are some quick numbers that may explain my source of frustration. It will start on February 14’th (Valentine’s day) 1969 the day I was born at the University of Pennnsylavania. I know being month’s old is hard to follow sports, but for argument sake here goes.


Of the 4 major sports teams in Philadelphia there have been a total of 5 championships.
The breakdown is the ’74 & ’75 Flyers with 2 Stanley Cups, the Phillies tie them and actually may be ahead because their two title years were more recent in ’80 & ’08. The Sixers round it out with which is hard to believe 1 lone title (with all the talent they had) in ’83. The Eagles are a PATHETIC third with ZERO! And Jeffie Lurey and crew have the insanity to put themselves in the same breath the last decade with the Patriots, (They have 3 Super Bowl’s in that span).

What is more striking and frustrating is follows: The teams have been title contenders many times in between building and down periods.
The Flyers have been to the Cup in ’76, ’80, ’85, ’87, ’97 & ’10 and lost them all. That’s six and counting. The Sixers are next in being bridesmaid with loses in the ’77, 80, ’82 and ’01 seasons. That’s four. This is neglecting the frustrating Conference title losses when favored. The Phillies could never get over the hump till ’80 losing the Pennant in ’76, ’77 and ’78. They lost the World Series in ’83, ’93 and ’09. That’s three. The Eagles once again round it out and have two lone Super Bowl losses in ’80 and ’04. Yes they have made the playoffs often in the last decade and it beats the nightmare Mike McCormick era of the ’70’s, but what is soo frustrating with this bunch is I can count 3-5 times they were pre season favorites by most NFL experts to win it all. And they have a big fat GOOSE EGG! I will leave out the NFC Championship debacles because I am soo tired of restating it.


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Vick vs. Kolb: Who should stay?

January 23rd, 2011 by Mike H. | 3 Comments | Filed in General

I am not gonna beat around the bush with this. I am not a Vick supporter. I cannot look past his behavior as a person and see him purely as an amazing athlete. This, however, is not the reason behind who I think should be the quaterback of the Eagles going forward. (more…)

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