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Philly’s Best & Worst of 2010

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Halladay Was Perfect

Philly’s Best

Roy Halladay’s Perfect Game
On May 29th 2010 Roy Halladay threw just the 20th Perfect Game in major league history against the Marlins in Florida.

Philly’s Worst


Execute Him?

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What A Putz!

Here’s what Fox News Commentator Tucker Carlson had to say about Michael Vick yesterday.  I like the fact that he first states that he is a Christian before expressing his desire to have Vick killed.  That doesn’t sound very Christlike to me, Tucker.  But then again, he was just trying to bash President Obama who called Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie and said he was appreciative that the Eagles gave Vick a second chance.  Hey, I’m not Vick lover, and I do love animals, but even I think execution would be going a little too far…


“Now I’m a Christian, I make mistakes myself, and I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way, and I think personally he should have been executed.”

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Reid Must Go After 2010 Season!

December 28th, 2010 by Schmitty | 4 Comments | Filed in General

Folks, I don’t know about you but I have been following the Philadelphia Eagles for a long time and specifically the Andy Reid regime for 12 years.

12 years now, and how many big games has Andy Reid come up small just like Donovan McNabb did?  The answer?  Sooo many I have lost count!  Seriously, how many more times is Andy Reid going to set us up for a huge game and come out completely flat?  He can no longer hide blame behind McNabb!  Tonight was a DISGRACE!  This team was ABSOLUTELY NOT PREPARED in any facet.  It seems like last year where the Eagles needed a win in Dallas to garner a 2nd round bye and were throttled.  This year, they had a great chance for a bye again and got pummeled by a PATHETIC Vikings team at home!  I am sooo sick and tired of Andy Reid teams being a playoff caliber team and not a real Super Bowl threat.


It is time to go after a proven Super Bowl WINNING coach, the likes of Jimmy Johnson or Bill Cowher.

I am completely drained from the last 12 years of maybes from this Reid era of over-promises and under-deliveries!  The fans of Philly deserve a bride not a bridesmaid!


Seat Reserved for Governor Rendell

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Tuesday Night Football!

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The NFL is Kidding, Right?

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Play The Game!

It is absolutely ridiculous that the NFL has pushed back an NFL meeting of the Minnesota Vikings visiting the Philadelphia Eagles, due to SNOW?   For perspective, this is the first NFL game canceled due to snow since… 1932!  As an Eagles fan, I guess I should be relieved of sorts knowing that a blizzard MIGHT have evened the playing field for Minnesota.  I can’t envision the Vikings beating the Eagles on a good playing surface.

At least now I can look forward to coming home Tuesday night with a hoagie and watching TNF?  What? Yes, Tuesday Night Football. This will be the first game played on a Tuesday night in 67 years! Unless, of course, the NFL suspends the game due to wind chill, or players’ hurt feelings.  I guess in a bizarre, history-making season it is fitting the game has been moved again.  Don’t forget this game was originally a 1 pm start.  But, due to the Eagles being the national media’s li’l darlings, they were switched to the spotlight on Sunday Tuesday night again.


Quotes of the Day

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Michael Vick on Christmas this year:

I spent two Christmases in Kansas [at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary], and that was by far the toughest thing I’ve had to do. Each and every year, I reflect on that, and I think it will always make the holiday season more gratifying.  (I’m) just thankful for a lot, thankful for the opportunity that I’ve been given, thankful for the blessings, and hopefully they’ll continue to come.

Then, on being asked who he would choose for MVP, Tom Brady or himself:

I would take … myself.

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