Okay, Maybe I Was Wrong About Vick

November 27th, 2010 by Christian | Filed under General.

The Right Choice

A few weeks ago, I made my argument AGAINST Andy Reid choosing Michael Vick as the starting QB over Kevin Kolb.  I’ll admit that so far, it looks like Reid made the right decision.  Vick’s numbers to date are awesome:

Wins: 5
Losses: 0
TDs: 16 (11 Passing, 5 Rushing)
INTs: 0
Passing Yards: 1,608
Completion %: 62.8
Passer Rating: 108.7 (Ranked 1st in NFL)

In addition to these nearly flawless stats is the electrifying manner in which he plays the game.  At any moment it seems like the Eagles could score a touchdown.  And that’s because they can.

Last week, against the Giants top ranked defense, Vick  was held in check for most of the game and NY actually took the lead in the fourth quarter, 17-16.  BUT that was after Jason Avant had dropped a touchdown right in his arms, and Vick overthrew a wide open DeSean Jackson for another missed TD.  With those two scores, the Eagles should have had a comfy 27-17 lead instead of trailing by a point.  Nonetheless, they came back to win the game, and push Vick’s winning streak to 5-0 in games he’s started and finished.

This week, they face another stiff test in Chicago against Brian Urlacher, Julius Peppers and a Bears defense that ranks first in limiting opponents scoring (14.6 points/game), second in rush defense (78 yards/game), and third in total defense (303 yards/game).

I am not completely sold on the NEW Michael Vick yet.  He and Andy Reid need to win the Super Bowl in order for me to be completely convinced.  I still think that in the playoffs, a Bill Belichick or Sean Payton will befuddle both Reid and Vick.  But with each week that passes, I am more convinced that the right guy is under center.

One Response to “Okay, Maybe I Was Wrong About Vick”

  1. Schmitty says:

    Great article! Could you imagine Vicks stats and the Eagles record if he started against Green bay, Tennesee and did not get injured against the lowly Redskins? Seriously, this team could be 9-1 or 10-0!

    As for everyone in the nation saying the great Giants D did a good job against Vick, PLEASE!!!!!!
    Avants drop a Td (Jackie Smith style) an overthrow there to Jackson and a few stupid penalities in the red zone a blocked field goal and the game was a blowout by halftime and Kolb finishes the game! Still we amassed 27 points and almost 400 yards on an “OFFDAY!”

    Yes, the Bears have a good D but a pop gun offense. I look into my crystal ball and see Philly 33 and Chitown 16. To prove once and for all Vick with Reid’s tutoring on offense is the real deal! As DeSean said were coming out hungry and angry like pitbulls this week! I like the aggressiveness, maybe not the canine reference. By the way was anyone aware Jackson is a blood from So Cal? Check out his TD celebrations a homage to his HOMIES!

    Go Eagles! Checking in from Brentwood, OJ’s old stomping grounds!