Fatso Andy Reid Dresses as Santa; Eagles Grant Bears Early Christmas Gift

November 28th, 2010 by Schmitty | Filed under Eagles, Football, General.


The Philadelphia Eagles carried over bad habits from the Giants game. These included horrific dropped touchdown passes, sloppy nightmare red zone efforts, pathetic arm tackling and even worse play calling and coaching by the fat man Andy Reid today!

Last week the Eagles survived against a good Giant team at home to win. This Sunday they dug too much of a hole to climb out of against a good Bear team. I still don’t think that highly of the Bears after their performance today. Yes, Hester, Peppers, Urlacher, Suggs and sometimes Cutler are pretty darn good players. But the Eagles  forgetting  how to tackle, turned Bear dink and dunk plays into game breaking long plays that was hard to watch as an Eagle fan!

The offense better practice the red zone this week catching TDs and the defense better practice wrapping tacklers, before the Texans come to town.

Between overthrows, tipped interceptions, dropped TD passes and lackluster play inside the (redzone)the 20 and especially insude the damn 10 yard line fields goals don’t win games! Luckily for us the Texans super hero and all world receiver (Johnson) will probably be suspended for protraying Rocky Balboa against the Titans!

And speaking of field goals was Andy Reid trying to win a playoff atmosphere game or try to help David Ackers pad his stats to make the Pro Bowl? WTF was that? Kicking field goals is starting to get real old in Philly of late! I wish I had a dollar for all the points Philly has left on the field the last two games!

Anyway as I reach for a valium to calm my nerves on a day my Eagles practicaly gift wrapped a victory for Chicago, I look for an angry squad to come out and destroy the Texans 42-17 in the national spotlight Thursday night on their way to an NFC East title!

Go Eagles! Beat that team from that city where George “the thief” W  Bush (murderer and oil thief  hails from!)

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