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A Month Later Still Angry and Still Seeing Red! (Phillies Red).

November 26th, 2010 by Schmitty | 7 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

It has been over a full month since the Philadelphia Phillies completely forgot how to hit, run and field in the NLCS.

Bad signs were present all throughout the entire 2010 season. The incredible pitching masked the lackluster, untimely hitting, aloof base running and inconsistent fielding.

At Least This Picture Still Makes Me Happy!

Maybe we as Phils fans should have seen this coming. I am not taking anything away from the Giants and their terrific starting four rotation. But they may be the worst starting eight and total 25 man roster to win a World series since the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers.

There is a reason they call the MLB playoffs a second season. After a grueling 162 games which Philadelphia won more games than any other team in baseball, the playoffs take on a whole new meaning and dimension. In a sense, baseball is more like the NHL, where if you get in, ANY team can win. Rarely does the best record in the regular season ensure a title.

This brings me back to the fact we as Phils fans can throw tomatoes at the Phils starting 8 for leaving their bats home practically all year as well as forgetting how to run the bases and attempt to field routine balls.

I dont want to hear how the “Freak” out-pitched Hallady in Game 1 or Oswalt was out-pitched in Game 6 by Sanchez!  The Phils would have advanced in 6 games, even without hitting, if Ibanez (doesn’t jump) and catches a routine deep fly ball off the bat of Pat Burell – that was wrongly called a double.  Result: Halladay and Phils 3 and Lincicum and Giants 2 in Game 1.


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