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Does ‘Clutch’ Really Exist?

October 12th, 2010 by Christian | 28 Comments | Filed in General

Living, Breathing Proof

Johnny G, Ryan and I have been going back and forth for a little while over whether or not ‘Clutch’ really exists.  For me there isn’t really a question.  I know it exists because I’ve witnessed it as a player, manager and spectator.  When I played football, basketball, baseball, hockey and managed softball, I knew which players I wanted in on the action when it counted most.  And I knew which guys were a little ‘shaky’ – to put it mildly.

But Johnny and Ryan are fans of Saber Metrics and a theory they subscribe to that they say ‘proves’ ‘Clutch’ doesn’t exist.  I beg to differ and offer the following evidence to eradicate any doubt whatsoever.  Clutch DOES  exist.  It’s a fact.


To me, and most rational people, ‘Clutch’ means performing as well as or better than normal when the games and situations matter the most.  The easiest way to determine this is to compare how a player performs during the regular season versus how they perform during the post season, which is, as we all know when the games matter the most.  It’s also when you are facing the stiffest competition – which theoretically should push a player’s overall numbers down.  You don’t get to face doormats like the Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals in the playoffs, get it?