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Al DeMarco’s Friday Report

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Eagles Vs. Lions – What You Will See (as long as you don’t live within 75 mi of Detroit)

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Not only will they not show their faces, now they won't even buy tickets

Seriously… the Lions almost won their opener (should have if not for a ridiculous rule), but they can’t sell enough tickets to keep the game from being blacked out in Detroit?  I know it sucks to follow a team without much hope (we may be joining you at some point this year), but it is hard for me to believe that given the popularity of the NFL across the country, that you can’t sell out 8 games a year.  I know Detroit is a devastated economy, I know the team has been historically awful, but come on.  If you are getting blacked out (San Diego, Oakland that means you) then you should lose your franchise.  I guarantee there are other cities around the country that will support the product.

I should have saved that rant for next week, but heard today on the radio that there is a good shot the game will be blacked out in Detroit and I was appalled.  Now that I have that off my chest, lets get down to the x’s and o’s for this weekend.

The Lions are… um… not good.  They have some pieces, they played well in spurts last week, but overall, they struggled offensively and defensively against a middle of the road Bears team.

Last week Jay Cutler and the Bears no name receiving core combined for 372 passing yards.  Cutler posted a QB rate of 108.3.  Detroit was dead last in passing defense last year in terms of yards allowed and it appears they are well on their way there again this year.  The Lions haven’t been quite as bad against the run, but there are yards and points to be had against this defense.