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Al DeMarco’s Thursday Report

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Whats Up with Doc?

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Is he tired? Nope, just a bit unlucky

Cheesy title?  Check…  Rushed post because I have to work tonight?  Check.

Good news on Doc Halladay’s recent semi-slump? Check.

A poster on the Phillies’ message board asked me to do some research, and really, I don’t need an excuse to do statistical research, but here is the deal.  He wanted to know what the story is with Doc Halladay and his recent non dominance.  Is there cause for concern?  Is he burnt out?

My answer to both of those questions is no.  First and foremost, lets start here.  Doc’s 2010 numbers are through the roof, even after his struggles, and even for him.  The chances of a guy with a career era of 3.13 and a career best for a full season of 2.78 suddenly pitching at a 2.18 era just aren’t real good.  No matter what you think of the NL, Doc lowering his era by 0.60 for a full season coming over here at his age, well that just wasn’t all that realistic.


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TSP Interviews Phillies Top Prospect Jarred Cosart

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Cosart is rated as the Phillies best pitching prospect by Baseball America

On Wednesday, Johnny G and TalksportsPhilly had the opportunity to sit down and pick the Phillies top pitching prospect, Jarred Cosart’s brain a bit. Cosart, drafted in the 38th round by the Philadelphia Phillies straight out of High School, passed up an education at the University of Missouri to join the Phillies minor league system. Cosart has a career ERA in the Minor Leagues of 3.39 and an impressive 102 strikeouts in just over 95 innings.

JG: What is life like as a minor league baseball player?

JC: The life of a minor leaguer is as it is any job. You are considered the lowest of the low and are trying to climb a ladder to the top. I have enjoyed every experience of the minor leagues having been with a great team throughout the year with a bunch of great players and friends. The travel is the most strenuous part of the job, especially in the SAL league. All travel is by bus and some trips are up to 16 hours. On top of that you usually head out on the road at around 1 am and get to your next destination in the afternoon 5 or 6 hours before the next game. Eating right and eating at every meal can be tough at times especially since we are always trying to catch up on sleep on the road. All in all, I’m playing the game I love and working towards the five star hotels, flying to every destination, playing on ESPN, and establishing myself as hopefully one of the best.

JG: How does it feel to be dubbed the Phillies top pitching prospect at just 20 years old?


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