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The Weekly Manifesto

September 8th, 2010 by OD20 | 2 Comments | Filed in General

Welcome to the first of a weekly series where I will be ranting and raving about all that is relevant in the world of sports (or what I say is relevant).  Each week I’m going to hit on some of the hot button topics going on in various sports, and as always I’m going to lean toward the most important of those topics, those happening in Philly.

I’m going to start with one of my biggest pet peeves in the world.  Over the past few months, I could swear that I’ve heard and read 2098203957y2093483209482390483ds90832098 declarations of the Phillies being done… and back again… and done again… and back again.


Baseball is a 162 game season, but the same can be said in other sports.  Every year we watch teams hit cold streaks, hit hot streaks, have injuries, and make trades.  Football teams start 0-4 and run off 10 straight to make the playoffs.  Basketball teams run off 10-12 straight and turn a season around.  Baseball, however is the hardest sport to follow if you are going to live and die every game.  You can have a run where you lose 10 of 14 and still be the best team in baseball.  You can also play 1st place ball for 4 months and lose 10 straight and miss the playoffs (I’m looking at you San Diego).

The bottom line is, why jump to conclusions?  There needs to be a reasonable cut off here.  If your team is still in the hunt (meaning within a relative striking distance) and you have half your season left, well then nothing is finished.  Why would you call the season over in July when you have 85 games left?  Until the playoff odds are down below that 25% mark with only 20-30 games left, then there’s no reason to write a team off, especially one that has been known to make runs late in the season.