June 10th, 2010 by Schmitty | Filed under General.

More boring baseball for the Phillies! The big question was pitching entering the 2010 season.

Pitching has been pretty good. What I am sick and tired of these big bats, is they resemble toothpicks. I can’t stand watching these players go out on the field and strikeout or pop up or weakly foul  out!  

Early or not in thhe season, they Phils are wasting some pretty good pitching efforts.

It will catch up to them, probably in the Fall! You can only waste  some many games without it catching up to you!

They are wasting Hallady’s great efforts and for Cliff Lee, who needs him when you can’t muster a single run!

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  1. Tophat says:

    I think you are right. With the two wins over the Yankees they might be back on track.One of the big problems is Howard.There is no reason to ever throw him a fastball.He looks pathetic on curves.I am beginning to wonder how many of his homers count for any thing.In one of the Phils wins over the Yankees he homered with no one on,but struck out with the bases loaded.Was that stat quoted last nite correct 32% with runners in scoring position with less than two out? The league average 57%? Someone tell Wheels it does not matter how far or fast the ball gets out it only counts as one run.He should stop getting orgiastic over Howards power.There is no power when he strikes out on a low and way outside curve that everyone knew was coming(except for Howard)Getting tired of Wheels Whining.He may know baseball but he doesn’t know broadcasting

  2. Schmitty says:

    Jim is just calling out another pathetic headcase batter for the Phils and the toothpicks represent their bats! Lol!

  3. Johnny G says:

    what’s up with the photo of jim joyce, schmitty?