Philadelphia Fans Out of Control

May 5th, 2010 by Johnny G | Filed under General, MLB, Phillies, TalkSportsPhilly.

Living in this area I often hear a lot of talk about how Philadelphia has the best and most passionate sports fans in the world and that the fans in general are tough on their players only because they want to win. This all may have been true in the past but after the last several weeks and the overall behavior of the Philadelphia fan base I am starting to think quite the opposite. Several weeks ago an overweight drunken fan decided to intentionally throw-up all over a young fan sitting in the next row down from him. Throughout my time as a sports fan that was by far the most repulsive thing I have ever heard taking place at a sporting event. That incident alone is enough to haunt an entire fan-base for years without the incidents that took place in the last several days.

I used to believe, like the rest of this area, that the national media and ESPN had a lot to do with why Philadelphia is largely recognized as one of the most crude, vulgar, and violent fan bases in the country, but I don’t think you can blame anyone but the fans for the reputation at this point. With the recent World Championship for the Phillies, the majority of the “fans” in attendance on a nightly basis are not there to enjoy a baseball game. It has become an event for binge drinking, fighting, and vulgarity for people who couldn’t care less about the game actually taking place on the field.

The Philly fans struck again on Monday night, as a young fan ran on to the field of play and was eventually tasered after eluding security for several minutes. There was nothing too much out of the ordinary, besides the taser, but on Tuesday night while the Phillies own Cole Hamels was in the midst of a complete game shutout with no outs in the 9th inning of a 1-0 ballgame, another fan proceeded to run onto the field again. A fan base that is so intelligent and knowledgeable has a drunken fool running around distracting the Phillies’ starting pitcher as he enters his wind-up to throw the first pitch of the ninth? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me, personally.

The fact of the matter is, this type of behavior comes with the territory of winning, to some degree, but this area has taken it to a whole different level. If you want to go somewhere to get drunk beyond comprehension and make a fool of yourself, stay in your own house. Citizens Bank Park isn’t the place for your ridiculous antics and behavior. It is a place where people are paying money to watch a team play baseball. If you want to call yourself the best fans in the country, maybe you should try acting like it.

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16 Responses to “Philadelphia Fans Out of Control”

  1. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

  2. Christian says:

    If they cut down the boozing, they’ll cut down the profits. How much is a beer at the ballpark these days? $7 – $8? And there’s the rub… It’s more profitable to have drunks in the stands than sober people.

    • Schmitty says:

      i know they can’t not sell beer. too much money! let’s be grateful they don’t serve whisky, tequila, vodka or rum down there! or do they these days? alcohol is a legal drug, maybe they should sell smack and all the fans will be mellow nodding off.

    • Christian says:

      BTW– I agree that the a lot of fans are out of control and use the games as an arena to spew their venom and vent their frustrations at everything.

      On the other hand, I disagree with cops tazering people who run on the field – unless it’s absolutely necessary. What’s next, shooting them with real bullets? If they run at a player or ump and pose a danger and needed to be subdued, then I could see it. But that kid was in the outfield, nowhere near a player or ump, and the cop just tazered him.

      • Johnny G says:

        The players in a very vulnerable position being out on that field with a lunatic, who may or may not be high or drunk sprinting towards them. Tazering is absolutely fine in my opinion. These people are committing a crime while eluding law enforcement. Its not all that complicated, stay off the god damn field. If you break the law and try to run from police, you will get tazered. Fair enough.

      • Schmitty says:

        As far as the tasar, that kis was harmless and a “kid.” Tackle his ass like Brian Dawkins, slap him on the wrist with a tresspassing fine. Then warn all fans that the tresspassing fines will be trippled along with a weekend in the pokie and I bet this silliness ends right there. People DON’T like jail!

        • Johnny G says:

          Nobody is harmless when they have a concealed weapon. When he stabs a player after eluding the 50+ yr old, overweight security guard he wont be considered harmless anymore.

    • Johnny G says:

      I’m not saying they should stop selling beer. Thats like saying they should stop selling guns, guns don’t kill people, people do. Alot of people can drink responsibly but since the phillies won a WS, a majority of the people in attendance are not baseball fans.

  3. jay says:

    love the post i agree its become more of a game of drinkin and actin in bad matters more then enjoying the game of baseball which most people forget in the city!

  4. Schmitty says:

    i agree with some of this article and disagree with some. good writing though. that kid in the pic, the puke monster is a total trailer trash pig.honestly F the fans just win baby!

    • Johnny G says:

      im all ears, schmitty. let me hear what you disagree with.

      • Schmitty says:


        • Schmitty says:

          Actually Johnny I looked over your article now awake on coffee and don’t really disagree. BUT remember I am the negative, ranting, lunatic writer on this site while you and CK are more analytical and rational! I have to say something CRAZED! LOL!

  5. razzle says:

    wow, great post.