Johnny G’s MLB Power Rankings Part 6

May 10th, 2010 by Johnny G | Filed under General.

1. New York Yankees (2) (21-9)- The Bronx Bombers regain the top spot in the rankings and continue to play phenomenal baseball this year. If Javier Vazquez was not struggling so badly, this team may be 26-4 at this point. This team as a whole is throwing some impressive numbers out there. They are first in the AL in average, runs, OBP, OPS, and slugging. In addition to the offensive numbers, the Yanks are 2nd in the league in ERA, batting average against, OPS, and WHIP. This team might win 115 games. Very impressive squad.

2. Tampa Bay Rays (1) (22-9)- The Rays still own the best record in baseball and I could have kept them in the same spot atop the rankings but their offensive production throughout the past week has been alarming. Anytime a pitcher like Dallas Braden throws a perfect game against you, there is reason to be concerned. With that all being said, every pitcher in the rotation has en ERA under 3.50 and only two pitchers on the entire roster have ERAs over 4.00. I have a feeling the Rays and Yanks will be jockeying for the top stop all season long.

3. Minnesota Twins (3) (21-11)- The Twins swept the Tigers at home and then split their series with the Orioles, all with superstar Joe Mauer on the shelf for the week. Mauer did come back on Sunday to DH and appears to be ok going forward. Francisco Liriano continues to dominate with a 2.36 ERA and Mauer and Morneau are hitting .341 and .339, respectively. This team is the real deal, folks.

4. Philadelphia Phillies (5) (19-12)- If Jayson Werth is not the front-runner for the MVP award right now, I’m not sure who is. This guy is just spraying balls all over the yard and it is truly impressive to watch. The Phillies had a very impressive week, taking 3 of 4 from the Cardinals and 2 of 3 from the Braves. Carlos Ruiz leads the league in OBP and this lineup continues to pummel opposing pitchers. In years past Ruiz was the only “break” in the lineup for opposing pitchers but now with his new plate approach this lineup is just murder.

5. St. Louis Cardinals (4) (20-12)- The Cards pretty much treaded water this week, but due to the impressive performance by the Phillies, they move down this week. Colby Rasmus is sporting a flashy 1.028 OPS and rookie Jaime Garcia has a 1.18 ERA in addition to the usual weapons this team has on a nightly basis. The team leads the league in ERA and the starting staff has given up so few homerun balls, you can count them on one hand. Here is some bad news for the NL Central, Albert hasn’t even gotten hot yet.

6. Texas Rangers (6) (18-14)- I feel like I have an ownership stake in this team with the way I have supported them in my weekly rankings, but they are starting to pay it back. After a 5-2 week, the Rangers still sit in first place of the AL West. Vladdy Guerrero is still hitting .339 and my boy Josh Hamilton’s batting average continues to rise, as well. C.J. Wilson has been nothing short of phenomenal with a 1.51 ERA and Colby Lewis and Rich Harden have ERA’s below 4.00. The team has all the pieces in place, it now comes down to consistency.

7. San Francisco Giants (7) (18-12)- Does Barry Zito really still have a 1.49 ERA? It just doesn’t seem real or fair that you can now have him added to a top 3 of Lincecum, Cain, and Sanchez. Just like the Giants teams of the past, and just like I told you in previous weeks, these averages throughout the lineup are plummeting. The only survivor about .300 is Bengie Molina and he is the surest bet of all to come down quite a bit. Even with their solid start, they currently sit behind the Padres in the NL West.

8. Boston Red Sox (12) (16-16)- Just when you thought the Red Sox might really be bad this year, they pull off a 4 game sweep of the Angels and get back to .500. As I have said for 6 weeks now, this pitching is too good to fail and I will stick with that logic throughout the rest of the season. Big Papi showed some signs of life on Sunday night but his average still sits well below the Mendoza line. It also looks like Jon Lester is getting over his early season struggles much sooner this year, which is a scary thought for the American League.

9. San Diego Padres (8) (19-12)- Best Free Agent signing of the year so far? How about Jon Garland? 4-2 with a 1.71 ERA is good enough for me. Chase Headley is hitting .325 and is finally the help Adrian Gonzalez needed in this lineup. Their lineup does not need to carry this team with the way they are playing defense and pitching right now. Bud Black knows what you need to do win games and he has his team playing fantastic baseball right now. This is a nice young team with a nice story. Hopefully they can keep it up.

10.Colorado Rockies (11) (15-16)- Ubaldo Jimenez picked up his first loss of the season on Sunday and Troy Tulowitzki had to leave the game with a strained quad. No exactly the best day for the Rockies. This team has outscored their opponents by 32 runs but has a losing record, that will change as the season continues. The young core of Tulowitzki, Jimenez, Carlos Gonzalez, and Ian Stewart can take this team as far as they want to. The future looks bright in Colorado.

11. Toronto Blue Jays (21) (19-14)- Nothing like a 6-1 week to move you up 10 spots in the power rankings. Alex Gonzalez continues to find his power stroke, as he has 10 homeruns so far and Vernon Wells continues to mash. The way this rotation is pitching and the young talent throughout the lineup, this team could really cause some issues going forward for teams looking to grab that Wild Card.

12. Detroit Tigers (9) (17-14)- Tough week for the Tigers as they get swept by the Minnesota Twins. Austin Jackson is hitting well at the top of the lineup but may own the highest BABIP in the history of the game. An infield pop-up would have a good shot at falling in for him right now. Miguel Cabrera leads the team in homeruns, RBI, and OPS and the team leader is not surprisingly, Justin Verlander. What is surprising, is his ERA is 4.50 and this team is 17-14. Doesn’t make all that much sense.

13. Washington Nationals (17) (17-14)- Yes, the Nationals move up again. The hard-nosed Nats continue to squeak by and squeeze out wins in every way possible. They won a game this week without a ball leaving the infield in the 8th inning when they took the lead and scored the go ahead run on a bases loaded HBP by Adam Dunn. That is what I call a team that knows how to win. Scott Olsen flirted with a no-hitter this week and Livan continues to defy logic with a 1.04 ERA. If Tyler Clippard and Matt Capps haven’t been the best set-up man/closer duo, I’m not sure who has.

14. New York Mets (19) (17-14)-The Mets have a pretty mediocre week after dropping a heartbreaker on Sunday. Rod Barajas, former Philly hero, has 9 homeruns already and is showing off his power stroke in the enormous Citi Field. What’s troubling for this team is that Luis Castillo leads them in batting average with a mediocre .271 average. Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese are doing well in their spots in the rotation but you have to be concerned with Johan Santana at this point. Still not a big Mets believer. Not enough here.

15. Oakland Athletics (18) (17-15)- Congratulations to Dallas Braden on pitching a perfect game against arguably the best team in baseball right now. A couple of weeks after bitching out A-rod, I think Braden has enough accomplishments to voice his opinion now, wouldn’t you say? Ben Sheets has also rebounded along with Braden and the A’s are back to the basic with strong pitching. Gio Gonzalez, former Phillies farm-hand, has been a nice surprise this year with a 3.53 ERA.

16. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (13) (14-19)- It has to be terrible to give up an 8-spot to this Mariners offense after they were so anemic for the entire season, but that’s just what the Angels did. This team continues to struggle and the god awful pitching is to blame right now. Other than Jered Weaver, every pitcher in the rotation has an ERA above 4.00 and with a team that relies on pitching and defense, that is not a good sign.

17. Florida Marlins (10) (14-17)- Awful week for the Marlins, as they were pretty much man-handled this week, although they didn’t lose a game by more than 3 runs. Who would have thought at this point in the season the Marlins would be sitting behind both the Nationals and the Mets? Certainly not me. Josh Johnson has not been as consistent as last season but that was to be expected. The Marlins won’t be in the basement all year but it would help if they started putting some wins together soon.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers (16) (14-17)- This Dodgers team just appears to be going through the motions right now. They still have yet to make a push or any sort of winning streak together and continue to disappoint. They are first in the NL in batting average but are bottom of the barrel as far as ERA is concerned. Andre Ethier has 32 RBIs already, think about that for a minute.

19. Milwaukee Brewers (25) (15-16)- Nice week for the Brew Crew and their offense. They put up 11,11,7,3,17, and 6 runs this week as they went 5-1 overall. Ryan Braun is hitting a very impressive .365 and Yovani Gallardo has 4 wins with a 3.07 ERA. The Brewers have actually outscored their opponents by 19 runs and still have a losing record. That could be due to Trevor Hoffman being absolutely horrendous.

20. Chicago Cubs (14) (14-18)- How do you go into Pittsburgh and get swept right out of the building after the week the Cubs just had? It makes absolutely no sense how inconsistent this team is and someone should be held accountable. Who that is? I don’t really care. The cubbies have a couple of fluky performances so far with Silva and his 3.50 ERA and Marlon Byrd hitting about .350 but I really think they have the overall talent to contend for a playoff spot. They just can’t seem to put it all together.

21. Cincinnati Reds (24) (16-15)- Dusty Baker’s boys came out with their hair on fire this week, as they took both series over the Cubs and Mets. All the peripherals point to this team not being able to keep this up but it is a nice story while it lasts, I guess. Mike Leake continues to excel even though he has never thrown a pitch in the minor leagues but other than that, this pitching staff will make you nauseous.

22. Chicago White Sox (20) (13-19)- My support for this team continues to dwindle as each week passes and as each loss piles up. This team isn’t hitting or pitch well right now and Gordon Beckham, Carlos Quentin, and A.J. Pierzynski are all hitting under .204. On the other hand, Andruw Jones has 9 homeruns and 6 stolen bases. Alex Rios suddenly looks like a great waiver wire pickup, as he is hitting .324 with 6 homeruns so far. There is not much else to be excited about here other than maybe Bobby Jenks losing his job.

23. Atlanta Braves (16) (13-18)- This team just doesn’t hit. Chipper Jones looks like he might be done and McCann is having issues with his eyes again. Chipper isn’t hitting the ball with any authority whatsoever and has basically become a slap hitter with no speed. It really is sad to see such a great player lose his abilities over night. The continuous good news for this squad though, is Jason Heyward. The young rookie leads the team in homeruns, RBI, and OPS but the way this offense has struggled, one man isn’t nearly enough.

24. Arizona Diamondbacks (23) (14-18)- This team is hitting better than expected and the pitching is severely disappointing everyone. The D-backs were not expecting to have pitching issues when they acquired Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy to add to the mix with Dan Haren and Brandon Webb but that is exactly what they have. Kelly Johnson has 10 homeruns and Stephen Drew is leading the team with a .304 average but they are still being outscored by 31 runs on the year. The bullpen has really struggled this year as well, and when that happens, it can really have a negative effect on the entire team mentally.

25. Seattle Mariners (22) (12-19)- Firing your hitting coach in May? That is a sign of some real trouble. Since I wrote these rankings last, the Mariners have hit one more homerun and now have a whopping 10 homeruns on the entire roster. Casey Kotchman, who sees time in the 3-hole, is hitting .194 and Chone Figgins is hitting .185. All of a sudden Jack Zduriencik doesn’t look all that smart anymore. Even Felix Hernandez has struggled this year, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the King. This team needs to trade for a big bat, and they need to do it very soon.

26. Pittsburgh Pirates (28) (14-17)- Impressive showing for the Bucs, as they swept the Cubs in Pittsburgh to begin the week but then dropped a series to the Cardinals. They have the worst team ERA in the NL and 3rd to worst batting average in the league. That’s not really a recipe for success. The Akinori Iwamura acquisition has been largely a disaster to this point, he is hitting .187. Maybe that’s why the offense has struggled so badly. For some reason I have my doubts.

27. Cleveland Indians (26) (11-18)- 1-4 week for the Tribe after being swept by Toronto at home to start the week. Mitch Talbot continues to pitch pretty well but Hafner and Sizemore really need to get it going. The Indians have been outscored by 38 runs so far and the only one hitting consistently now is Shin-Shoo Choo. On the bright side, Kerry Wood is back…

28. Baltimore Orioles (27) (9-23)- This team is below average to just down right terrible in almost every aspect of the game. The starting rotation is a shamble, with their second best pitcher in the organization still pitching in the minor leagues, because David Hernandez had a couple of strong innings in Spring Training. Chris Tillman is an absolute stud and if he was coupled with Matusz right now, it would be a lot easier on the O’s fans. The lineup has struggled badly and closing out games at the back end of the pen is…..Alfredo Simon? Oh boy.

29. Kansas City Royals (29) (11-21)- What a horrendous week for the Royals. They went in to Chicago and lost their series to the White Sox and then got swept in Texas by the Rangers. The offense is so horrendous that Zack Greinke is winless with a 2.51 ERA. That is really embarrassing for an organization as a whole and a tragedy for Greinke. The pitching is equally as awful as the offense, even though the batting averages on this team have been sinking like stones in water. Awful

30. Houston Astros (30) (10-21)- I think its pretty safe to say if you are dead last in the National League in batting average, runs, OBP, slugging, and OPS, you are a pretty awful team. Unless you have top notch pitching its going to be very difficult to win with that type of offensive production and Felipe Paulino, Brett Myers, and Bud Norris don’t really fit that description.

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28 Responses to “Johnny G’s MLB Power Rankings Part 6”

  1. philliesfan0705 says:

    Nice rankings this week… as a Phils fan I was looking forward to see where you would have the Phillies this week and I think that is just about right… although I could make an argument for them being over the Twins. One more good week should solidify their spot in the top 3.

    • Johnny G says:

      thanks. i almost had the phils at 3 but the twins are very good also. Another strong week from the phils and they will be #3.

  2. steven says:

    Well written piece. You give much more info than the ESPN rankings. I will be back weekly for my dose of Johnny G.

  3. yanksrock says:

    you do a nice job with it….just the right amount of information on each team so it doesnt seem like you are reading a novel…..

  4. reggie206 says:

    I agree with everything said about the Mariners in that ranking.

    The Mariners need to definitely trade for a proven power bat… maybe someone like Andre Ethier, Prince Fielder, Matt Kemp (for Cliff Lee). So far, the Mariners pitcher is doing pretty darn well… and I think they can sacrifice trading Cliff Lee for someone that will drive in runs (consistently). Snag a big power bat from a team that is in need of pitching (and force Sweeney into retirement).

    This would look really good if a trade happened:

    1. Ichiro
    2. Figgins
    3. Gutierrez
    4. Fielder or Kemp or Ethier
    5. Lopez
    6. Bradley
    7. Saunders
    8. JOSH Wilson
    9. Moore

    BENCH: Kotchman, Griffey, JACK Wilson, R. Johnson, Langerhan

    SP: Felix, Fister, Vargas, French, Rowland-Smith
    RP: Aardsma, League, White, Kelley, Texeira, Colome

  5. nyd2010 says:

    Overall I think you did a really good job with one exception, I think you have the Angels ranked entirely to hig, their run differential is not that much different then your bottom 5…..

    • Johnny G says:

      I realize their run differential is pretty bad but the overall roster is too good to drop them that low at this point in the season. Weaver, Saunders, Piniero, Kazmir, are enough to keep them afloat with their lineup.

  6. Schmitty says:

    Werth is a possessed demon! Once Rollins is back trade or no trade for a starter, which they will, the PHILS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP #3 ALL YEAR!

    • Johnny G says:

      Yea i could see them being a steady 3 all year if the twins fall off a bit. They got a very good team over in Minnesota with the way liriano is pitching right now.

  7. Fred Couples says:

    You are an idiot and a troll.
    I want the wasted three minutes of my life back.

    • Seti12 says:

      HAHA. No doubt. I was thinking the exact same thing. What a retarded effort. He’s got to be a Rays fan.

    • Christian says:

      These rankings are actually one of the most informative and comprehensive on the web. You don’t know what you’re talking about Fred.

  8. Marshall says:

    The Astros will be horrible until the Curse of the Phillies leaves. Once Wade has been retired, we’ll have hope.

  9. realfacts says:

    I think the Red Sox are way too high in the rankings, but that’s about it. The Red Sox signing Scutaro reminds me of the Yankees signing Tony Womack after his one good year with us. And Beltre? Pfft. Essentially replacing Jason Bay with the ancient Mike Cameron (though, granted at a different position in the OF) was a serious trade down, too. There’s no way they make the playoffs, so they shouldn’t be in the top 8, the way I see it.

    • Johnny G says:

      Saying there is no way they make the playoffs is a little ridiculous. Any rotation of beckett, lester, lackey, bucholz and dice k has a very good shot even with a marginal offense. With the rays and yanks playing this well, though, it will be tough.

  10. astronation says:

    wow, you are really an idiot. Have you ever watched baseball in your life? The Astros are NOT the worst team in baseball.

  11. sweetstroke111 says:

    yea these rankings are good. espn’s suck. Surprisingly coherent for a philadelphian.

  12. rangers fan says:

    Gotta admit, at first I thought this was just another troll website attempt. But I actually have found I enjoy reading your power rankings. And you (or whoever writes them) thinks very similar to myself. Well same views on most of the teams. I don’t follow the NL all that much. But I’m right with you on the AL. Except for maybe the Jays. They got off to a hot start last year, and well ended up having pretty much an epic fail of a season.