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Schmitty’s Rant: Why Do We Love to Hate Kobe?

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Kobe\’s Annoying

I am a native Philadelphian and make a living while residing in sunny Los Angeles as does the Lakers Kobe Bryant, (well sort of). Bryant spent half his youth being raised in Italy by his father and former Philadelphia Sixer Joe “Jellybean” Bryant.

Bryant attended the pristine Lower Merion High School on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Many students went on to become doctors and lawyers. My college sweetheart Nora’s brother Peter Gottlieb played along side Kobe. I had the pleasure of watching literally a man amongst boys while attending several games. It was jaw dropping and almost unfair watching a 6’3″ Kobe slash, juke and dunk on less adroit, 5’7″ non-athletic kids!

After coming to the NBA we starting hearing the Michael Jordan comparisons immediately. While Kobe has flourished, I wonder why the Julius Erving’s, Magic Johnson’s, Larry Bird’s, Shaq’s and Lebron’s were and are widely popular and fan favorites, when Kobe is not.

A few years ago, at Allen Iverson’s wedding at The Mansion in Voorhees, NJ, Shaquille O’neal stated he would rather have Allen Iverson on his team than Kobe, and that Allen had more heart and a better attitude. Interesting that his own teammate would put Kobe down.


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Johnny G’s MLB Power Rankings Part 5

May 3rd, 2010 by Johnny G | 10 Comments | Filed in General

1. Tampa Bay Rays (1) (18-7)- The young Rays still own the best record in baseball after going 4-2 in the 5th week of the season. This team has a collective 3.14 ERA on the season and are first in batting average against, whip, quality starts, and runs scored. They are also in the top 5 in every other offensive category you can imagine. No pitcher in the starting rotation has an ERA above 3.38 and that belongs to James Shields. After Shields it is Garza with a 2.06 ERA, Jeff Niemann 2.76 ERA, David Price 2.34 ERA, and finally rookie Wade Davis with a 2.79 ERA. Unbelievable what this team is doing.

2.New York Yankees (2) (16-8)- The Bronx Bombers continue to play well after a week where they took both of their series. Robinson Cano is absolutely ripping the cover off the ball right now and leads the team in batting average, RBI’s, runs scored, and OPS. With the Rays and Yankees playing like this, the rest of the AL better win their division to get into the playoffs, because the wild-card is off limits at this point.

3. Minnesota Twins (3) (16-9)- The top several spots here have stayed pretty much the same with no one really distancing themselves from the field. I’m sure Twins fans expected more this week than a split but still an impressive week for Francisco Liriano, who has a 1.50 ERA after his impressive start on Sunday. Justin Morneau continues to hit well despite his lower back issue early in the week but Joe Mauer has a bruised heel that has kept him out for several days. This team will struggle if Mauer misses significant time.

4. St. Louis Cardinals (4) (17-8)- Very, very impressive showing for the Red Birds this week. After a four game sweep at home over Atlanta, the Cardinals took the final series of the week over the Reds. This team is top 10 in any category you can imagine, offensively or pitching-wise. Chris Carpenter is just fine after having some early season scares and Colby Rasmus is blossoming into a pure superstar right in front of our eyes. Carpenter, Wainwright, Penny, and Garcia all have ERAs under 3.00. Simply Amazing.

5. Philadelphia Phillies (5) (14-10)- I can’t quite figure this team out. Every time I think they don’t have nearly enough pitching to win consistently, they go out and totally out-slug their opponents like they did to Johan Santana on Sunday. Believe it or not Raul Ibanez is on a four game hitting streak, raising his average to a whopping .224. Nice work Rauuuul. Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer at the back end are putting too many innings on the bullpen but they are winning games right now. Blanton will be back soon and that will shore up some loose ends on the pitching staff.


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