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We Want Cliff Lee Back!

May 1st, 2010 by Schmitty | 13 Comments | Filed in General

Cliif Lee in Phillies Pinstripes

The agent for Cliff Lee has made it very clear Lee is not happy in Seattle and will test the free agency waters after the season, most likely leaving, no matter what the outcome of the Mariners year is.

This brings me to an interesting point. The Marlins and Braves are young and talented teams with very promising futures soon! The window for the Phillies is NOW. In 3-4 years this core group of talent will be gone. Do the Phillies have the guts to admit their mistake. Realizing how they have wronged with Cliff? It is early in the season, but it is so obvious to baseball people and fans that this pitching staff will not get it done, healthy or not. Should Ruben and management roll the dice and trade back prospects plus a Blanton or Hamels and or unload the farm system for Lee?

Lee had said he was willing to make a reasonable long term deal with the Phils. I say go for it and lock him in with Halladay. The Bank was at 104% capacity at this this Saturdays game! Pay the damn money! Add seats in the oufield. That stadium could sell an additional 10,000 out daily with 2 aces! Food for thought from a huge Cliff Lee fan. And a dude who wants our title back!


Old Rivals

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Can Flyers Ride B-Train?

After eliminating the not so evil Devils this Spring handily, who have been a major thorn in the Flyers side for the last fifteen years, anything is possible.

This series with Boston has the makings for a great one! Yes, Boston edged the season matchup, but remember the outdoor New Years Classic at Fenway, where the Flyers essentially gave that one away?

Convential wisdom says the Red Wings will face the Penguins for the third year in a row. But then again you can throw out the convential wisdom as both the Capitals the #1 seed in the East fell to the #8 seed Canadiens, while our 7th seeded Flyers put away a strong #2 seed NJ in five games.

I like this series matchup in favor of the Flyers. (Partly because I am a native Philadelphian)  Other reasons are this Philly team is phyisical and built for playoff series, not for long haul regular seasons.  Both teams have momentum, but the way Philly beat the Rangers in a shootout on the final day of the regular season has seemed to really ignite them.  Reason #4 and most importantly GOALTENDING!  We have seen this in other Cup runs when a hot goalie can literally carry a team a long way and Philly has the edge here.