The Eagles Season of Change & How They Must Rearrange!

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The Time Has Come

Okay folks, it is time to turn it over and see some MAJOR changes for these “same old song and dance” Eagles.

The first mistake Lurie made was giving Reid too much power, adding the GM position to the taxing job of coach.  Bad move.  Rarely have I seen one man wear two hats in the NFL and succeed. It was ridiculous and plain stupid of Lurie to do so.  How can you do two jobs well and keep focus?  Answer: You can’t in the NFL.  Many have tried and failed!  So Lurie has gone out and hired a GM to help offset some of Reid’s burden, which is a good thing.

Some may argue that Reid is a great coach, but I believe he is a good coach at best, who comes up short in big games and repeats his mistakes over and over.  That being said, unfortunately I don’t see Lurie going out and getting a coach like Cowher who believes in offensive balance. Reid’s tendency to pass way too much and not build a sustained running game has worn out OUR OWN defenses, which this year was absolutely on dead legs by the end of the year.

Take a look at our time of possession. Yes, we scored points, but in quick bursts. Passing often will actually win you a Super Bowl once in a blue moon with a Montana, Brady or Manning at the helm, who were incredibly accurate, but where McNabb is NOT! Still with Manning, look what the Saints did to him in the Super Bowl anticipating the pass!

They have released Westbrook, which is okay with me, moving towards a youth movement. Weaver  running & blocking for McCoy is fine with me. What scares me is they will not go out and use some of that money on a Julius Peppers-type player to compliment Trent Cole. We know Banner is a frugal bean counter!

It is time to trade McNabb NOW! Get whatever picks you can, because after this year he walks and we get NOTHING! Load up on your draft picks to help the safety position, depth at corner, linebacker and solidify the offensive line.

Let Kolb and Vick battle it out for the right to start on this team! Kolb appears to be ready as he has sat, studied,  matured and waited patiently. He resembles the  accurate pocket passer in the mold of an Aikman, Brady or Manning which fits Reid’s type of offensive scheme. If he fails or does not progress, you MUST tweak your offensive philosophy (which stubborn Big Red never did with McNabb/square peg in a round hole) and cater to the incredible athleticism of Pro Bowl Quarterback Vick who is younger with fresher legs and just as powerful an arm as McNabb. Vick proved he was a winner with an average Falcon team.

It is time to say goodbye to McNabb!  Don’t you think 11 years of the same close, but not close enough is old?  What is McNabb going to do in year 12 he could not in his previous 11?  NOTHING! Choke, then grin with that stupid smile, wearing sunglasses?

While I want Reid gone, Lurie will keep him, but I plead for McNabb to join Westbrook  and move on and go with the youth movement!  We have great young talent at the skill positions, now let’s get off our wallets Lurie and Banner, aquire a few key free agents and draft smart, we have alot of high picks this year.  It is a season for change.  If we spend $ in the right areas and draft intelligently and “pass it on” to our youth movement.  With some thought out spending and researched draft picks this team SHOULD challenge for the Number 1 or 2 seed or at least the # 3 seed in 2010.   We may have  hope again at the Linc when the Fall season approaches.

As for you McNabb supporters, give me a break saying we will dramatically fall without him!  He has lost the confidence of his young super talented skilled position teammates, and proven year in and out he’s not a leader, but a sheep!  Change is good and in this case long OVERDUE!

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5 Responses to “The Eagles Season of Change & How They Must Rearrange!”

  1. This article has GREAT Eagles passion and substance ~ Way to go, Smitty!!!

  2. Christian says:

    Vent Schmitty, vent!

  3. sean francis smith says:

    thanks! throw up a pic of a philadelphia sanitation working throwing lurie, banner, reid and mcnabb into a big fat garbage truck! lol!

  4. ChrisLeo33 says:

    I like…..I like….LOL