Sixers Win 5 in a Row

February 10th, 2010 by Johnny G | Filed under Basketball, General, Sixers.

Go Ahead, I dare ya to try and take it!

That’s right you heard it here first. The 76ers have won five games in a row. Don’t look now but the once cellar-dwelling Sixers are now 20-31, leaving them just 4.5 games out of the 8th and final playoff spot in the East. Before this recent hot streak the Sixers were well on their way to a lottery selection in the upcoming draft at 15-31, with only the New Jersey Nets behind them in the standings.

If you look further into the winning streak the Sixers have beaten the lowly Nets with a record of 4-47, then traveled to New Orleans and beat the Hornets without superstar point guard Chris Paul. Next was their most impressive victory of the streak when they came back from an 11 point second half deficit to beat the surging Houston Rockets. Finally, just last night they trounced the horrendous Minnesota Timberwolves by 22.

The talent level of the teams they have beaten in this recent run is not the best, but for a team of the Sixers caliber, a five game win streak is impressive nonetheless. This recent win streak also causes an issue for many Sixers fan that did not exist just a week ago. Do you continue rooting for the Sixers to lose in pursuit of a lottery pick and the draft rights to Kentucky star point guard John Wall? Or do you root for the Sixers to win and capture that final playoff spot, even though they will certainly be eliminated in the first round after facing Cleveland or Orlando?

The obvious answer is to root for the lottery selection but it is not always that easy. Naturally you want to root for your team to win and for the opportunity to see them succeed, or at least for the Sixers sake, participate in the playoffs.

The constant throughout this win streak is the absence of former star and Philadelphia icon, Allen Iverson. Iverson missed all but the first game of the win streak and the overall energy on the team has been on the rise during his absence. One would think due to the success of the team without him that when Iverson returns to the team it will be in a bench role. How that will go over in the locker room remains to be seen.” The Answer” has averaged 14.4 points since his return to the city of brotherly love but the team has largely struggled since he was acquired.

If Eddie Jordan has any intestinal fortitude, he will sit Iverson down and let him come off the bench and continue to go with the starting lineup that has worked best. Now that Elton Brand is playing at the top of his game again, he is drawing more double teams and is distributing the ball out of the low post. This strategy has been working for the Sixers recently but it remains to be seen whether it can continue.

One thing is for sure though, if the Sixers cannot acquire some type of superstar in the draft, via trade, or through free agency, they will not be able to contend for a championship. The NBA is now centered around superstars and without a superstar you cannot win. This Sixers team has to ultimately blown up and started from scratch in order to truly contend but it never hurts to have some hope. So what will it be, John Wall or an early playoff exit?

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10 Responses to “Sixers Win 5 in a Row”

  1. Andre has not bloomed like i expected!

  2. i feel like a sap saying this, but in order for this team to get to a championship caliber team, they MUST implode and lose out! They desperately need a VERY HIGH 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick in the first round. Trade Brand who DOES NOT fit this team. Give Allen the biggest retirement party ever that he deserves at the end of the season and move on! Enough of this 8th seed crap already!

  3. KH says:

    Blowing it up guarantees nothing.

    • Johnny G says:

      neither does continuing to go to andre iguodala as your #1 scoring option. You need to get rid of some of the bad contracts so you can acquire a franchise type player. You can’t win without one in the nba right now.

      • I agree johnny, blow the roof off, cause they have been stuck in stall for years, trade/dump big salaries, throw the season, get the best players in the draft. As Bob dylan said..when you got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose! And my friends our once beloved 76’ers have NOTHING! Iguodala see ya! or he’s your #3 scorer and trade brand for some picks and retire AI. Then go out and spend money on an experience coach with a winning track record!

  4. Christian says:

    The Sixers NEED a lottery pick to turn this franchise around. That’s what happened when they drafted Iverson out of Georgetown. It changed the trajectory of the franchise for a little while. In the NBA, one player CAN make a team. Reference LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, et al.

  5. OldSchoolSixerFan says:

    I’d liketo see nothing better than a Sixer Championship after watching them ever since they moved here from Syracuse. Many say they will have to “blow it up” to get to be a contender. Unfortunately. There are few examples to support this. The data shows that you have to have great players- at least one star; Many teams have drafted at the top of the list, but won nothing and have not even contended for a championship. People cite Cleveland as an example. This might be the year, but they haven’t won anything yet. Portland selected Oden, but he can’t stay on the court. In truth, you have to get “lucky” in the draft. Greatplayers usually come from the top 5, but not always and the key point is that the majority of top 5 picks don’t become great players. It’s a crapshoot. The Sixers could contend if you added a great shooting guard- they need one player. If they “Blow it up”, it will be 10 or more years before they find a star and then assemble a supporting cast as good as the present one .

    • Johnny G says:

      How are they acquiring a great shooting guard without trading away some of the awful contracts, aka “blowing up” this team. They have no cap room.

  6. ChrisLeo33 says:

    So refreshing to see a Sixers post or something other than the Phillies or Eagles boneheaded moves.