Johnny G’s Super Bowl Pick

February 6th, 2010 by Johnny G | Filed under Football, General, Twitter.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints

Indianapolis Colts (-4.5) over New Orleans Saints/ Sunday 6:25pm on CBS

We have been spoiled by the last several Super Bowls that have come down to last minute heroics. That won’t be necessary this year. Peyton Manning is attempting to win the second Super Bowl of his career and Drew Brees and the Saints are attempting to win their first. As much as I’d like to believe the Saints have a chance in this game because of the great story line it would be and the trials and tribulations of the city of New Orleans, I just don’t see how they win this game.

Let’s break it down simply. If you watched the NFC Championship game it is fairly evident that the best team is not representing the NFC in this game. The Minnesota Vikings and 40 year old Brett Favre sliced this Saints defense to death. The Vikings outgained the Saints by 220 yards in the game, compiled 15 more first downs, and dominated the time of possession. The only reason we are not looking at a Favre Manning matchup is because of 5 fumbles by the Vikings, 3 of which they lost. Favre also threw 2 interceptions, one of which should have been called back on a roughing the passer penalty, as the NFL admitted just last week. Don’t get me wrong, the Vikings have a prolific offense, but when you compare the Vikings and Colts it is not close. Peyton Manning, the best QB of this era, and possibly ever leads an offense that just embarrassed the #1 defense in the NFL. The Jets defense was shredded so badly in the 2nd half in the AFC Championship; they had to stop blitzing completely, which is their signature.

The Saints also have a prolific offense that was also shut down in the 2nd half of the NFC Championship game by the Vikings. The Colts have a very similar defense that relies on speed. They get off their blocks as good as any team in the league. They will not blitz but they have enough talent up front to get pressure just rushing 4, especially if Dwight Freeney plays in this game. For the Saints to win this game, they are going to need the good fortune they had in the NFC Championship game, and if you see Peyton Manning and the Colts turning over the ball 5 times on Sunday, be my guest and go with the Saints here. But let me leave you with this one statistic, Peyton Manning has gone 44 consecutive games without a fumble. The only way the Colts lose this game is if they beat themselves. This team is too savvy and too talented to do that. Go with Indy here as Peyton and the Colts win this win by at least 2 scores.

Suggested Prop Bets:

Pierre Garcon to score first TD of the game : 8/1

Dallas Clark OVER 67.5 Receiving Yards: 1/1

Will both teams kick field goals of over 33.5 yards : NO : 1/1

Note: The prop bets listed above give you the best chance at winning in my opinion. Prop bets in general are very unlikely to win and should not be wagered on if intending to turn a profit. As I already know, many of you place prop bets to keep the game interesting and that is how these selections should be taken. Have fun and enjoy the game!

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11 Responses to “Johnny G’s Super Bowl Pick”

  1. Christian says:

    If I saw someone better than Montana, I’d say it. I have no interest in Montana remaining the greatest. If Manning would’ve brought the Colts to score and win the Super Bowl, I would’ve moved him closer to Joe. Not all the way, but closer. But an INT that costs your team the Bowl does not help his cause. He still has a lot of years left, and he is tremendous. That pass to Dallas Clark is one of the best throws I’ve ever seen.

  2. Christian says:

    Johnny– care to amend your ‘Manning is the Greatest QB in NFL History’ comments?

    • Johnny G says:

      I will slightly amend my comments after watching the super bowl. Manning is the greatest regular season qb in history. As far as greatest ever i will concede that to Montana until further notice.

      I thought the play calling for the Saints was much better in the game. The Colts took very few shots down the field. I didn’t really understand the game plan because Manning had more than enough time.

  3. just when i thought i hated mcnabb as much as possible, he goes out and said in a pompous way the most retarded statement. he believes vick deserves to be a starter somewhere in this league. as if he has done crap in 11 years besides choke hear. donovan is right if you are going to waste kolb, let vick start here in PHILLY! forget trading vick! he is younger has more fresh legs, same arm strength, etc. as chunky soup boy. vick took average falcon teams to the playoffs over and over again with just crumpler their tight end. there is some bedside promise between mcnabb and fat head andy reid for probably a 2 year extension that were not aware of yet, after the eagles go 10-6 or 11-5 and get booted AGAIN from the playoffs! kolb aside i say trade mcnabb for 2 draft choices and start vick if they don’t believe in kolb. why would they let vick go, when he is younger has a heart unlike mcnabb? i don’t get these pinheads who run the eagles!!!!!!!!

  4. Leo says:

    Well, I don’t mind if the Colts win but I am rooting for the Saints since its their first time in the bowl. Just think the Saints could bring home a SuperBowl before the Eagles!! Although, Johnny, I believe you will be correct, but my heart is not with ya.

  5. johnny g could not agree more. the ONLY way the saints win is if the colts shoot thenselves in the foot and turn the ball over atleast 3 times. OR the saints use their borderline dirty tactics with late hits like they did with warner and favre, the saints are aware they have to literally knock out manning to win. that simple, a healthy protected manning and the colts thrash the saints 40-21. that being said, that colt line is tops only allowing 10 sacks in a pass happy offense (like the eagles, except manning is smart, precise and accurate and has a soft touch or hard throw when needed, unlike grounballs or overthrows from mcnabb). also peyton has a quicker release since anyone i have seen since marino. i doubt the saints will be breathing by mid third quarter.