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The Eagles Season of Change & How They Must Rearrange!

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The Time Has Come

Okay folks, it is time to turn it over and see some MAJOR changes for these “same old song and dance” Eagles.

The first mistake Lurie made was giving Reid too much power, adding the GM position to the taxing job of coach.  Bad move.  Rarely have I seen one man wear two hats in the NFL and succeed. It was ridiculous and plain stupid of Lurie to do so.  How can you do two jobs well and keep focus?  Answer: You can’t in the NFL.  Many have tried and failed!  So Lurie has gone out and hired a GM to help offset some of Reid’s burden, which is a good thing.

Some may argue that Reid is a great coach, but I believe he is a good coach at best, who comes up short in big games and repeats his mistakes over and over.  That being said, unfortunately I don’t see Lurie going out and getting a coach like Cowher who believes in offensive balance. Reid’s tendency to pass way too much and not build a sustained running game has worn out OUR OWN defenses, which this year was absolutely on dead legs by the end of the year.

Take a look at our time of possession. Yes, we scored points, but in quick bursts. Passing often will actually win you a Super Bowl once in a blue moon with a Montana, Brady or Manning at the helm, who were incredibly accurate, but where McNabb is NOT! Still with Manning, look what the Saints did to him in the Super Bowl anticipating the pass!


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