Eagles vs. Cowboys

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Will Eagles Dance in Dallas?

Week 17: Eagles @ Cowboys
When: Sunday January 3, 2010  Time: 4:15 pm EST
Where: Dallas, Texas

Well folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. Final week of the season, and once again it comes down to the Eagles and Cowboys going head to head for the division crown. We have a similar, yet different scenario than last season. Last year, the Eagles and Cowboys also met in a huge game in the final week of the season, however, the differences between these two games are aplenty.

For one, last year’s game was in Philadelphia and this year the game is in brand new Cowboys Stadium. The stakes are also different. Last year, it was a win or go home game. This year, both teams are already in the playoffs, but the division and possibly a first round bye, are up for grabs for both teams. This is a must win game for the Eagles, and I think that Andy Reid and company are looking at it that way. The playoff path becomes monumentally easier with a win over the Cowboys today.

Now I’m sure everybody remembers the ferocious shellacking of the Cowboys in Week 17 of last year. The Eagles pummeled Dallas in every facet of the game in route to a 44-6 massacre at Lincoln Financial Field. However, that was a very dysfunctional Cowboys team last year. The Terrell Owens saga was still ongoing and many people were calling for the firing of head coach Wade Phillips. The team we face today will not lay down like last year. They are on a roll, as are the Eagles, which sets up for one classic battle in the Lone Star state.

The Cowboys defense has been on fire and for the most part, so has Tony Romo. As for the Eagles, the defense is healthy and should play a good game.  On offense, the Eagles suffered a much bigger blow than most people think. Center Jamal Jackson is out for the year, forcing Nick Cole to move to center and Max Jean-Gilles to start at guard. This could be a problem for the Eagles, as Jay Ratliff will be one tough match up for Nick Cole. The other way of looking at this is the Eagles have been very good over the last eight years at plugging players into roles they are normally not comfortable with. I expect offensive line coach Juan Castillo to have Cole and Jean-Gilles ready to protect Donovan McNabb to their best abilities.

This game has the makings of a classic thriller. I expect it to be fairly low scoring, and to be decided by a crucial turnover followed by a clutch field goal.  It could realistically go either way. In the end it should come down to which team wants it more.  In a big regular season game like this one, I cant help but go with Andy Reid.

Prediction: 23-20 Eagles

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10 Responses to “Eagles vs. Cowboys”

  1. Christian says:

    Horrendous. McNabb is the worst big game quarterback I’ve ever seen.

    • seanfrancissmith says:

      the only good thing outta this game is we were exposed and the D needs an overhaul and i PRAY that is the last regular season game i EVER see of McNabb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • seanfrancissmith says:

      that was the worst prepared team with so much on the line!

    • BlackHole says:

      Can you make a call and get Kolb back in as QB???

  2. seanfrancissmith says:

    That was one of the MOST DISGRACEFUL Eagles showings or LACK of showing I have ever seen! I lost my excitement after the first drive! There goes a crucial bye week and ANY chance of a Super Bowl appearance! The good news is this Eagles team has been exposed early as FRAUDS and there will be no NFC meltdowns this year! The buck will stop in Dallas next week, UNLESS FAT RED and IDIOT MCNABB make a pact with satan and pull anothe rabbit out their hats! And by the way our defense looks like swiss cheese! Did McDermot forget to call the blitz?

  3. ChrisLeo33 says:

    Wow, the Eagles have a lot to lose and the Cowboys have a lot to win so….. Division Title, Home Field Advantage, and a bye round.

  4. seanfrancissmith says:

    I can”t see this game being remotely close if the Eagles show up! Besides the Cowboys have a history of choking in the end of the season. While the Eagles wait to lay an egg until the NFC Championship. It is too early for the Eagles to lose yet. They won’t lose until playing in New Orleans…Eagles 33 Cowgirls 17. Beat it Cowdung fans!

  5. Christian says:

    Andy Reid is 14-7 lifetime against the Cowboys. Goota like that!

  6. Christian says:

    Blitz the shit out of Tony Romo today! Go Birds!