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The Greatest QB in NFL History

January 31st, 2010 by Christian | 18 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Watch what happens when the most ACCURATE QB in history hits his receivers running at full speed. They can’t be stopped. Montana had better touch and accuracy than anyone, EVER. He could thread a needle whenever he wanted to, and put the ball in a receiver’s arms better than handing off to them. He was more accurate than William Tell. Brains, speed, quick release, touch and precisely accurate.

Bill Walsh gets a lot of the credit, but any coach can draw up plays –  this guy executed them almost flawlessly. That’s why no other team has run the west coast offense and won the Super Bowl. Montana made that offense. His accuracy, brains and athletic ability. Oh, and he’d drive a stake through your heart like Michael Jordan.

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Phillies Ink Veteran Contreras

January 28th, 2010 by Johnny G | 8 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General

On Saturday the Phillies came to a 1 year agreement with veteran right hander Jose Contreras. Sources believe the deal is right around the $1 million range. After a brutal start to the season in the American League with the White Sox, he was traded to the Colorado Rockies and pitched extremely well. This has been a common trend for players coming from the AL to the NL, where they face much weaker competition. Overall he finished the season 6-13 with a 4.92 ERA and his overall flexibility is a great asset to any team. He can start or relieve and throws 6 pitches from 3 different arm slots, which makes him very deceptive when he drops down to a submarine style, three-quarters, or straight over the top. His splitter is also one of the best in the bigs.

This is the only move this entire off-season I have agreed with besides the Halladay deal, minus the Lee trade. At Charlie Manuel’s press conference on Wednesday he stated that Contreras would come out of the bullpen in all likelihood but in my opinion he would be of much greater value pitching every five days in the rotation. Right now if you leave Contreras in the pen, you are leaving the 5th rotation spot to a competition between Kyle Kendrick and a recovering Jamie Moyer. That is not exactly something I would be excited about, going into this season with expectations of another World Series run. Money will most likely play a factor, as Moyer is owed almost $7 million for this season. As I look at it, he’s going to get his money one way or the other, so why cost your team games being stubborn. He is 47 years old and was largely ineffective last season. He is coming off of three different major surgeries this off-season. Kyle Kendrick is essentially a one trick pony that the league has figured out to this point. In his rookie season he showed tremendous poise while getting by with just his sinker. The second time around the league that simply is not enough. Until he develops a legitimate second “out” pitch, he will struggle at this level. Jose Contreras was a great signing at a cheap price but now Amaro and Manuel have to use him in a way where he can be at his greatest value to the team, and that is in the rotation.

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Johnny G’s Conference Championship Picks

January 24th, 2010 by Johnny G | 7 Comments | Filed in Football, General

It's in the Money

Minnesota Vikings (+4) over New Orleans Saints 6:40pm

What a game this will be. The ageless Brett Favre comes into the Superdome and tries to take down Drew Brees and the Saints. Will the home-field advantage be too much for the Vikings to overcome or will Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre be too much for the Saints to deal with?

Minnesota enters this game with the NFL’s second best offense in the NFL. Interestingly enough, New Orleans enters this game with the NFL’s best offense. Both Quarterbacks are right around 70% with their completion percentage, both threw for just over 4,000 yards, both have extremely impressive touchdown to interception ratios, and they both come off 31 point playoff wins just last week.

With all the talk about all of the offensive firepower through the air for both teams, I firmly believe this game will come down to the running game. Adrian Peterson, who has struggled in recent weeks, is still as talented as any running back in the league, and going up against a rush defense that allows almost 130 yards per game, this could be his coming out party. On the other side the Vikings only allow 87 yards per game on the ground to opponents and just over 200 yards through the air. The Vikings defense is strong enough to shut down the run early, and then sit back and blitz Brees to prevent him from getting any momentum going.


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The Big 5 is ready to Thrive!

January 22nd, 2010 by Leo | 1 Comment | Filed in Basketball, College Sports

The Big Five is Alive!!

Well, if you have been following the Big 5 in Philadelphia this year, you know we have several contender’s at the national level.  It looks to be an exciting March for Philly College Basketball.

Here is the skinny of it if you have not been following. The season began with 3 of the 5 teams expecting big things (Villanova, Temple, LaSalle).  St. Joseph’s was a watcher, and Penn an underdog to say the least.  LaSalle has not fulfilled all hopes but at least has a winning season. St. Joe’s did not pan out, and Penn only has one win.

On the other hand, Villanova and Temple have fulfilled all expectations and more so far.  Temple holding a record of 16-3 and Villanova holding an impressive record of 17-1.

Could we be in for another run for the NCAA Championship?


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As Arbitration Deadline Approaches, Three Phils Remained Unsigned

January 20th, 2010 by Johnny G | 12 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Joe Blanton

As the arbitration deadline quickly approaches, the defending National League Champs still have three players to come to terms with. Carlos Ruiz is asking for $2.875 mill, while the Phillies are offering $1.85 million. Centerfielder Shane Victorino is asking for $5.8 million, while the Phillies are offering $4.75 million. Finally, we have righty Joe Blanton, with whom the Phillies remain the farthest apart with. Blanton is asking for $10.25 million, and the Phillies are offering $7.5 million. is also reporting that Victorino’s agents and the Phillies are in serious discussions over a multi-year deal that would essentially cover the rest of Victorino’s arbitration eligible seasons. Even without a multi-year deal, the Phillies have a good chance of winning the cases with Victorino and Ruiz, and are almost certain to win the case with Blanton. His request for $10.25 million is extremely inflated and is unlikely to be honored by the arbiters.

The best case scenario for both sides would be to come to deal before the February 1 deadline, as the arbitration process can be touchy. The club has to present a case to a panel of arbitrators as to why the player does NOT deserve the salary they are requesting and this can sometimes alienate a player. This was a big concern when Ryan Howard went to arbitration, and eventually won his case, receiving a record $10 million. Hopefully all three players can come to terms before the deadline and the team can begin to focus on the 2010 season.

News and Notes: Last week the Phillies made a huge splash in the free-agent market, signing former Phillie, Brandon Duckworth. In his time with the Phillies Duckworth appeared in 65 games, compiling an ERA of 4.87. Following the 2003 season, he was a part of the package traded to the Houston Astros for Billy Wagner. Coming off a 3-season stint with the Kansas City Royals, he received a minor league deal from the Phils and is unlikely to see any time in the big leagues. The Duck Pond will be back in Lehigh Valley.

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Manning is No McNabb

January 17th, 2010 by Christian | 37 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Peyton Manning

For years Howard Eskin has been claiming Donovan McNabb is BETTER than Peyton Manning. (I’m not kidding)

A few points to consider:

Manning already has one Super Bowl ring.

Manning just won an unprecedented fourth NFL MVP award.


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Johnny G’s Divisional Playoff Picks

January 16th, 2010 by Johnny G | 2 Comments | Filed in Football, General

Johnny G Divisional Picks

Arizona Cardinals (+7.5) over New Orleans Saints/ 4:30 pm Saturday

After the showing the Arizona Cardinals put on against the NFL’s 2nd ranked defense, I have to go with them plus the points here. Kurt Warner had more Touchdown passes (5) than incompletions (4) in last week’s contest. Although Anquan Boldin is unlikely to play, I don’t think it will make much of a difference after watching the rhythm of their offense last week. You could plug Greg Lewis and Todd Pinkston into that offense and they would still move the ball at this point.

The Saints come into this game absolutely reeling, losing their final 3 games to end the season after making a run at the perfect season. Even along the way while they remained undefeated, they looked very vulnerable against the Redskins and many other bottom of the barrel teams. Will the bye week help this struggling team? Although they have the advantage of getting healthy, I think this negatively affects this team. The question you have to ask yourself at this point is “Do you see the Saints blowing out the Cardinals?” I know I certainly don’t. I will gladly take the 7.5 and roll with the red birds.


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