Johnny G’s Week 16 NFL Picks

December 27th, 2009 by Johnny G | Filed under Football, General.

Money Picks

After a blowout winner on the San Diego Chargers on Christmas Day, my record now stands at 14-8 as we look to keep the good times rolling. Let’s get right to the Sunday Card.

Green Bay Packers (-13.5) over Seattle Seahawks/ 1pm Sunday

How bad are the Seahawks? That is the question this Sunday. Surely giving almost two touchdowns in the NFL is not very common but in this case it is necessary. We are talking about a Seahawks team that has struggled with every facet of the game for the entire season, and just last week lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To an outsider looking in, it appears that this team has completely packed it in on Jim Mora. They have nothing left to play for this season, and in general are an aging team with no clear cut signs for growth in the future. Matt Hasselback is having the worst season of his career and it continues to spiral downward, big free agent signing TJ Houshmanzadeh has been nothing short of awful for them, and their defense has not stopped anyone all season.

The Seahawks have been held to 9 points or less, a league-leading four times this season. Three of their five wins came against the Lions and Rams, they have lost six games by 17 or more, and they have lost 8 games by 10 or more. Now the Seahawks head on the road out to Lambeau to face a Packers team with playoff aspirations, coming off a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. As well as Aaron Rodgers is playing right now, it is going to be almost impossible for this horrendous Seahawks defense to slow him down. Look for this game to get ugly very quickly as Rodgers and the Packers make a mockery of an already disgraceful football team. Roll with Green Bay minus the big number.

Doubel Your Money Pick of The Week

Indianapolis Colts (-3) over New York Jets/ Sunday 4:15 pm

Peyton Manning laying just a field goal on his home turf against an inexperienced rookie? I will take my chances with that anyday of the week. There is alot of media hype about if Jim Caldwell will rest his starters and how much playing time they will recieve but there are several reasons Manning and the rest of the Colts’ stars will play this entire game. The pursuit of perfection is too big of an opportunity to pass up in week 16 and in many cases this will be the only chance for every player on this team to achieve perfection. Resting starters in week 16 would also be a questionable decision because now you are looking at 3 weeks of no football and with an offense that relies on repetion and rhythm, that is not in the best interest of the Colts. The line in this game reflects the possibility that starters will not play for the Colts and that is exactly why this is such a value.

You look at the New York Jets, who come into this game barely hanging on to playoff hopes with a rookie QB coming back from a moderately serious knee injury with a habit of turning the ball over, and they are not close to the same caliber of football team as the Colts. Mark Sanchez’ season has been a roller coaster ride. After starting the season managing the offense and limiting turnovers, he has turned the ball over so much that not even a phenomenal running game and first rate defense could salavage games for the Jets. Coming off a loss against the struggling Falcons where the Jets mustered only 7 points against a team with a banged up defense and nothing to play for, now New York comes into Indianapolis in the dome with the crowd noise adding to the confusion of Sanchez and I don’t see this one being close.

Rex Ryan’s Wednesday press conference was sort of a comical skit asking Coach Caldwell to sit his star players for this game in order to give the Jets a shot to win this game and remain in the playoff hunt but that is exactly what the Jets would need to compete in this game. The only problem is, it’s not going to happen. Lay the field goal with the Colts as Peyton and crew remain perfect.

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5 Responses to “Johnny G’s Week 16 NFL Picks”

  1. hey nice blog! looking forward to read your new posts!

  2. Christian says:

    Two good picks John– does anyone know why the Colts pulled Manning out of the game when they were winning? Terrible call by the coach, and Manning for going along with it…

    • Johnny G says:

      thanks. i dont know what caldwell was thinking. That could take the wind out of that whole team’s sails. I dont understand how you take the opportunity for the perfect season away from all those guys when it will be the only time in their career they have that opportunity. Mind boggling

  3. Leo says:

    Well Johnny, You were correct with the packers but Indy was a killer. I had P.Manning starting on my fantasy today, ugh. I may lose this week because of it.