DEJA VU all over again, DEJA VU?

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Eagles Nest

While I was a tad upset Donovan missed Jackson twice on bombs to break the longest TD record I was satisfied with this game.  In all honesty I thought it should have or at least could have been a blowout minus some bonehead pics by McNabb.

While I like seeing the Eagles make yet another late season run like the Garcia year and last year.  My fear is I am being set up once again for heartache. The Eagles have this knack for getting me amped then throw in a clunker when they are at heavens gate.  Who knows, maybe the Vikes will lose yet another and we can get a bye and have a legitimate shot at another title game.  Or it could swing the other way and Dallas pulls out the division, which I doubt with their choke history.

The only way I see anyone getting the right to play SD or Indy in the big dance is to have to literally knock Drew Brees out with a concussion.  Sure the Boys looked good against the Saints but they were due for a loss, like the way the Colts should have lost on Thursday.

Either way it gives us at least hope for now.  The snowballs reminded me of the game we pelted Jimmy Johnson’s glue like hair!  The Denver game will be tough they are desperate. Let’s wait and see if Team Jekyll or Hyde shows up next week……

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8 Responses to “DEJA VU all over again, DEJA VU?”

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  3. Amanda says:

    “Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?”

  4. Mary says:

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  5. seanfrancissmith says:

    This amazes me Reid’s NFC Championship facts! 1.Eagles play Reid’s first at powerful Super Bowl Champs Rams(Eagles heavy underdogs)they actually show up lead at halftime have a chance to WIN in last minute and McNabb throws an interception attempting to go to Fred X at the Ram 40 yard line. That’s choke # 1 for McNabb. 2.Favorites hosting an undersized Buc defensive oriented team that we have PUSHED around and DOMINATED the last 2 years completely, we jump out early 7-0. Abort the run in which is how we beat them before! And put up 3 more points the whole game and actually give up 7 on a McNabb TD return pick. That’s choke #2 for McNabb and Reid’s horrific play calling. 3.We host another NFC title game against the physical Panther team minus an injured Westbrook. Once again Duce Staley runs wild in an NFC game and idiot Big Red aborts the run in an ice bowl game and McNabb gets crushed we put up a PATHETIC 3 points at home and have now lost back to back NFC Championships tallying a total of 13 points. If you wanna be real about it 7 were set up from Brian Mitchell’s opening kickoff return of 70 yards. So you could argue 6 points in 2 NFC Championships at home! Did you hear me? 6 points and if you mix in McNabb’s pick returned MINUS 1 POINT in back to back home NFC CHAMPIONSHIPS! Choke #3! Year 4 is magical with headcase TO and the Birds all phases clicking. TO gets hurt we beat a PATHETIC Viking team (8-8) then beat an average at best Falcon team to get to the PATS in the Super Bowl. We take the lead lose it but have a chance to tie or win in the end of the game. TO pulls out a miracle healing has the game of his life on one leg, but McNabb is out of shape and throws 3 bonehead pics and the final to end the Super Bowl. A very winnable one indeed. Can’t call this a complete choke, but if McNabb does not throw 3 pics, Eagles have a parade. Instead we get throw up from #5. 5.Few years later the Eagles are dead in the water pull a miracle run (actually choked to Redskins in next to last game) but get a miracle window with two other upsets that allows them to destroy an always choking Cowboy team gets them into the playoffs at a mind bending 9-6-1. Get some mojo beat the Vikes in their dome then knock off an overrated banged up defending Super Bowl Champ Giants. Headed to Phoenix were still a slight favorite considering the two teams we just knocked off. Eagles comeback take lead in 4th quarter blow lead but still have a chance and McNabb misconnects with that excuse of a receiver Curtis in the end to tie Cardinals win. Sooooooooo……….where’s that leave us right where the Eagles always have us: SETUP SUCKER TIME. Unfortunately Reid and McNabbb (who I am convinced date on the side will be back for McNabb’s final contract year while a younger Vick and Kolb sit around and watch Reid and McNabb devise a way to get us close but not there! Kinda like sex minus the orgasm! And people ask why I am an angry Eagles fan 1-4 in NFC Championships. Favored in 4! The year that was ABSOLUTELY theirs is now the Bucs prize. EVERYONE knew whomever one that last game at the Vet would destroy a pathetic aging Raider team. Bottom line is pathetic play calling from an overrated coach and pics and throw up from a pressure caving QB and we have exactly the same amount of Super Bowl title as does The Los Angeles Women’s Powder Puff Lingerie team (who are hotter by the way)…….NONE!

  6. Christian says:

    How can we NOT be nervous heading into the playoffs? This coach and QB are 1-5 in championship games. And they were favored to win FOUR of those six games. Reid and McNabb, it seems, get nervous too.

  7. Leo says:

    I agree with your last sentence whole heartily. You don’t know which team is going to show up, but maybe this will be our SuperBowl year,it certainly will probably be McNabb’s last chance.